The Witcher 3 has a couple of searches that have the right to actually auto-fail if you aren"t mindful. Avoid that happening via this walkwith overview.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has actually many type of points of no rerotate, and also a number of of them put a deadline on essential decisions Geralt demands to make to secure the finest ending. To that finish, we have actually compiled a list of eincredibly single search that can auto-fail, once that cut-off is, and what you may be lacking out on if Geralt doesn't tie up loose ends on time.

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Updated on August 5, 2021, by Kim Dailey: As The Witcher franchise's popularity isn't waning any time soon, we've resaw this write-up to give readers the most well-rounded coverage of auto fail quests and also any various other relevant information, all in one area.

Base Game Quests That Can Autofail

The primary storyline is wbelow you'll run into the a lot of pertinent Witcher 3 pursuit cutoffs, not to cite the vanilla content harbors evidently more plenty of auto falls short than either of the game's DLCs unified. We take a look at the reduced off points and auto-fail pursuits in order.

Imperial Audience

geralt and emhyr discussing Via
This Prologue pursuit is the first cut-off suggest of the game, and also every side-pursuit in White-Orcdifficult conserve one will certainly auto-fail upon heading to Vizima. Several of these sub-pursuits act as training for the difficult decision-making Geralt will have to contemplate in the future. They are as follows:

QuestDescription/ IncentiveRewards"A Frying Pan, Spick and Span""Missing In Action""On Death's Bed""Precious Cargo""Twisted Firestarter"
This is a Simple non-combative pursuit with some decent early-game rewards you might not want to miss out on.10 ExperienceApple Juice X5Baked Apple X5Bread X5
A quest of little bit consequence - for Geralt. It does include a life or death ultimatum for a minor NCOMPUTER, though.25 Experience25 Crowns
Anvarious other straightforward non-combative search that supplies some exciting tie-in lore for fans of Sapowski's novels if you delve into the optional dialogue. It's also one more choice-based life or fatality instance about minor personalities and also provides some hefty beforehand game experience.350 Experience50 CrownsManumanuscript Page: Cursed Oil of Sweat and also Blood
This quest has actually a tiny home window of chance as it is only accessible during the Lilac and also Gooseberries pursuit, which leads straight right into Imperial Audience. It has actually a few possible outcomes that readjust the rewards Geralt will get, yet the payout distinctions aren't that comprehensive.1. Turn in OR Let go via the box.10 Experience30 Crowns2. Return Box.25 Experience20 Crowns3. Let go however keep package.10 Experience50 CrownsCelandine X5White Myrtle X4
A easy investigative quest that exercises Geralt's witcher senses and also tests his moral compass through another life or fatality decision on befifty percent of a minor NCOMPUTER.50 Experience20 Crowns

Really, you'll be locked out of these searches by completing the coming before major quest, "Lilac and Gooseberries," as the finishing sequence of that search takes you to Vizima through the cut-scene. So be sure you've completed the jobs you wanted to before reconvening with Vesemir at the inn after completing the Griffin Contract.


Ugly Baby

The Act 2 primary search, "Ugly Baby," only auto-fails two quests, however they both pertain to 2 very cshed relationships of Geralt.

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The Isle of Mists

Sailing to the Isle of Mists is the following big cut-off, auto-failing a slew of searches throughout Velen and also Novigrad. It is without question the a lot of significant suggest of no-rerotate within The Witcher 3.

So a lot so that the game gives you an unequivocal warning to turn ago if there was anypoint else you wanted to execute. You'll desire to tie up these loose ends prior to setting sail on the last leg of the journey to finding Ciri.

Kiera Metz's Questline

QuestDescription/ IncentiveRewards"A Towerful of Mice""A Favor For A Friend""For The Development of Learning""Magic Lamp""An Invitation From Kiera Metz"
Involving breaking a curse on an old tower, this quest have to be completed in order for Geralt to start romancing Keira Metz.1. Deny Annabelle's Request500 Experience2. Honor Annabelle's Request300 Experience
Unlocked by a conversation between Geralt and also Kiera at the end of "A Towerful of Mice," this quest is coincidentally a cutoff point for one more quest dubbed "Lynch Mob," which will fail upon starting this one.80 Experience
Triggered immediately at the end of "A Favor For A Friend," this pursuit is the culmination of Geralt's optional role in Kiera's storyline wbelow Geralt will inevitably decide the soceress's fate via the decisions made throughout their dialogue.1. Don't kill Keira100 Experience(There's a choice 1a and also 1b below that impact Keira's sub-plot ending.) 2. Kill Keira200 Experience
After complying with a lead on Ciri and persuing the Wild Hunt through an underground elven damage, Kiera requests Geralt's aid in locating a Magic Lamp additionally hidden within the damages. You'll want to accept as Kiera will then reward the lamp to Geralt in a later on search.100 Experience
This quest is unlocked after completing "Hunting A Witch" and while it never becomes mandatory, it is a requisite to determining Keira's ultimate fate. This is additionally the pursuit that rewards Geralt via the Magic Lamp which will assist him development in future undertaemperors.XenovoxMagic Lamp

All five of these pursuits will must be completed successfully in order to romance and or recruit Kiera for the Battle of Kaer Morhen, which take place quickly after the events in The Isle of Mists.

Velen Quests

Keira's sub-ending is far from the just alternative Geralt will forfeit by venturing to the Isle of Mists, yet prior to relocating on to the various other destinies Geralt will certainly be passing on the possibility to affect, lets complete going over the various other searches throughout Velen that will certainly autofail upon cruising for those misty shores.

QuestDescription/ IncentiveReward"Ciri's Room""The Fall of The Housage of Reardon""Ghosts of The Past""Return To Crookearlier Bog"
Geralt have the right to search the room Ciri stayed in during her stay at Crow's Perch and obtain a couple of fairly inconsequential ideas around what she was as much as.100 Experience
This pursuit is dependant on whether Geralt spared a specific Viper college witcher in The Witcher 2. If he confirmed mercy, this search will certainly reunite the old acquaintances and also lead straight into the following pursuit on this list. (If you don't have actually a Witcher 2 imported conserve, You'll need to tell the questioner that you spared Letho during the conserve simulation before Geralt's audience with Emporer Emhyr in Vizima in the direction of the begin of the game.)25 Experience1. From the lockbox50 Experience100 Florens2. From researching the skeleton80 Experience50 Experience
Geralt need to make a selection at the end of this quest, which will certainly decide whether or not Letho will lend assist in the Battle of Kaer Morhen later on. This pursuit is one more minor quest-lock itself: If the "Hazardous Goods" pursuit hasn't been started yet, Geralt will certainly have to wait until finishing Ghosts of The Past prior to he deserve to undertake it.125 Experience
This is the concluding quest to the Baron's story and eventually decides Philip Strenger's and also his family's fate.300 Experience100 Crowns

Triss Romance

Both of these quests must be completed properly in order to romance Triss. They also organize some persuade over the assassicountry questline that proceeds them also.

"A Matter of Life and Death" - Geralt will certainly need to kiss Triss during this pursuit in order to romance her at the finish of the next effectively. "Now or Never" - Aptly called, this search seals the deal (or breaks points off) between Geralt and Triss. Regardless, the finishing conversation via Dijkstra will instantly create the Assassin questline, which will certainly likewise auto-fail if not completed before establishing sail for the Isle of Mists.

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The Assassicountry Questline

This questline explores the subplot of assassinating Radovid, which any non-huguy and mage supporters will want to attain.

QuestDescription/ IncentiveReward
"A Deadly Plot"If you've been complying with the games' lore from the first installment, there's extra impetus to finish this quest in certain as Geralt will certainly be reassociated with Thaler, consequently unlocking Thaler's exclusive Gwent match. You'll want to make the time for this particular round of Gwent as it also auto falls short, upon the completion of the questline's concluding side pursuit, "Reasons of State."25 Experience
"An Eye For An Eye"On peak of being a mandatory search for the successful assassination of the mad king, Geralt will need to encertain Ves resides via this enrespond to to secure Ves's and also Roche's aid at the Battle of Kaer Morhen.50 Experience
"Redania's Many Wanted"No make-or-break decisions in this quest, but it will certainly lead you to the witcher gear, Feline Silver Sword, if you take the time to break down a crumbling wall through Aard.50 Experience135 Crowns

You'll must totally finish this questline prior to cruising to the Isle of Mists if you wish to avoid Radovid's genocide of mperiods and also non-humans in Novigrad.

Novigrad & Kaer Morhen Quests

There are even more loose ends Geralt will certainly most likely desire to tie up about Novigrad prior to setting sail for the misty islands.

QuestDescription/ IncentiveReward"A Dangerous Game""Cabaret""Carnal Sins""Fencing Lessons""Berengar's Blade"
An important pursuit for Gwent players, offered by Zoltan exterior the Rosemary and also Thyme after rescuing Dandelion.Varying amounts of Experience.3 Unique Gwent Cards OR 350 Crowns.
Aside from helping Geralt's old pal Dandelion refurbish his freshly gained cabaret, this search has no actual consequence. However, it does lead into the following pursuit, which has actually a much more grievous impact.1. Declining to race.220 Experience2. Winning the race.245 Experience80 Crowns(Losing doesn't earn a consolation prize.)
Though it doesn't adjust anypoint, abandoning Dandelion and also his lady bard, Pricilla, in their time of excellent need is a shoddy method to repay Dandelion's loyalty throughout the years.500 ExperienceVarying quantities of CrownsDeargdeith (Relic Tier Silver Sword)
No after-effects here, yet it is a fun jaunt.25 Experience
This Kaer Morhen quest is tied to an old witcher colleague of Geralt's referenced in the first game. This quest technically locks as soon as establishing out for the Isle of Mists as a result of the fact Geralt won't have actually another possibility to strike a casual conversation through Vesemir. There is a loophole, but. If Geralt looks for out the pursuit location manually after returning from the Isle of Mists prior to the council at Kaer Morhen, he deserve to complete the quest without talking to Vesemir.50 ExperienceDiagram: Torhaerne (Relic Tier Silver Sword)

​​​​​​On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice is a late-game cut-off allude towards the end of Act 3. It only locks a mere 2 pursuits, but those include a pertinent deciding element to the end-game and also the only witcher contract in the game that's subject to auto-fail.

"Contract: Devil By The Well" - You likely completed this Velen contract well prior to currently, but if you didn't, here's your warning. "Reasons of State" - This is the concluding chapter of the Assassin's questline, ensuring Radovid's death, and contains the extra decision that decides whether Dijkstra or Roche will certainly lead Temeria. However, it is just unlocked under the extra stipulation that Geralt determined diplomacy over force as soon as convincing the spy to let him and also Philipa go.

King's Gambit

This Skellige side pursuit holds some weighty decisions as to crowning the following leader of Skellige and will ultimately auto-fail a pair of searches for Mad Man Lugos and also his son, Blue Boy.

Stranger In A Starray Land - This quest oblientrances Geralt to take on the next quest. The Cavern of Dreams - This quest can be activated via or without subjecting Geralt to the previous pursuit. This quest has actually no genuine pertinence, however it is a fun hallucinogenic side trip to experience.

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Battle Preparations

This is the last cut-off point of the primary story, auto failing several Skellige side pursuits, consisting of the searches that identify the sub-ending for Skellige.

The Skelliger Crown Sub-Ending

Both of the adhering to pursuits launch in consecutive order and also ultimately decide that will be the following ruler of Skellige.

QuestDescription/IncentiveRewards"The Lord of Undvik""Possession""King's Gambit""Coronation"
This quest is a prerequiwebsite to activating the "King's Gambit" search and also is vital for recruiting Hjalmar for the Battle of Kaer Morhen.600 Experience
This quest is additionally a precursor to "King's Gambit" yet requires Geralt to help Crach An Craite's daughter, Cerys, fairly than his boy, Hjalmar.750 Experience
The culmicountry of this quest will cause Geralt needing to decide whether to aobtain help Cerys or Hjalmar, or remain neutral and aid neither.Hjalmar's Steel Sword (Relic Tier)Fate (Magical Tier Silver Sword)Death From Above (Relic Tier Crossbow)
The actions or inactions Geralt took adhering to occasions in the "King's Gambit" will straight influence that becomes leader of Skellige. If he refrained from helping Cerys and also Hjalmar both, Svanrige an Tuirseach will be crowned, which isn't the desired ending for the majority of players and also will consequently forfeit the possibility of recruiting Hjalmar to the Battle of Kaer Morhen.

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200 Experience

GIMP edit through
There are only 2 cut-off points in the Heart of Stone development. Though that's a rather considerable amount considering tright here are only 6 major searches (excluding subpursuits within the same questline.) Tbelow aren't a ton of side quests either, which renders this list brief and sweet.

Open Sesame!

This main questline acts as the expansion's mid-game, comprised of 3 subquests. It is also the initially suggest at which the Heart of Stone side pursuits will begin auto-failing.

"Avid Collector" - This is a mini-pursuit within "Open Sesame!" that is caused by talking to Yaromir Ivanovitz Zaytsev that can cut you a deal on winning the "Starry Night Over The Pontar" paint at auction. You'll should disregard to tell Vimme Vivaldi what you've learned around the paint to get the deal. "A Dark Legacy" - This is an exclusive search only able to be caused and completed throughout "Open Sesame!" Furthermore, Geralt will certainly must win Count Romilly's Figurine at the auction to unlock it. Then be sure to watch the search to completion prior to wrapping up the Open Sesame! questline.

Scenes From A Marriage

This major quest adhering to "Open Sesame!" will auto-fail just one pursuit, however many fans won't want to miss out on out.


Blood and also Wine

Though it's a more extensive growth, the list of quests that have the right to auto fail is also fairly straightforward for Blood and also Wine.

Wright here Children Toil, Toys Waste Away

Both of these quests have a small home window for completion, just available after "La Cage au Fou," which comes directly before this one.

"The Hunger Game" - If you lifted Marlene's curse in "La Cage au Fou" and brought her safely to Corvo Bianco Geralt deserve to invite her to stay. She'll reward his generosity via a fairly substantial payout and also a memento. "Amidst The Mill's Grist" - This is an extremely standard side-quest with absolutely no effects or challenging selections.

Capture The Castle

Beyond Hill and also Dale

"Duck, Duck Goosed" - While this quest's technological cut-off is the "Tesham Mutna" pursuit, it deserve to just be accomplished while Geralt and also Syanna are traversing the Land also of A Thousand also Fables. Therefore you require to complete it prior to leaving the fairytale land at the end of "Beyond Hill and Dale."

Burlap Is The New Stripe

"The Perks of Being A Jailbird" - This mini-search will technically auto-fail upon founding the pursuit "Be It Ever So Humble." However, it is only obtainable while Geralt is imprisoned in Toussaint, which only happens if Syanna dies. So if Geralt successfully saved Syanna and persuaded her to make peace through Anna Henrietta, this search won't be an choice at all.

Wine Wars: Belgaard

Lastly, the second phase of "Wine Wars: Belgaard" will certainly cause "Wine Wars: The Deus In The Machina" to auto-fail. The Deus In The Machina have the right to only be set off after completing Wine Wars: Belgaard's part one, and then only by discovering a particular place in the various other 2 succeeding Wine Wars pursuits, Vermentino and also Coronata. Be sure to check out our Wine Wars search overview as the trail of occasions deserve to be quite tricky to navigate and secure the finest ending to make this questline worthwhile.

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