It’s been a lengthy summer hiatus, and for The Walking Dead fans, the wait isn’t even close to over (paoffers for snarky comments from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and also Sherlock fans). Before I go on, let me simply say that I’m going to get into some spoilers so this is your last chance to turn ago if you aren’t recorded up.

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Last seachild of The Walking Dead finished on a crazy cliffhanger, via the group ultimately meeting the inrenowned Negan face-to-confront, and also one member of Rick’s team meeting the horrifying kiss of Negan’s bat, Lucille. The internet has been buzzing given that that episode aired, trying to guess that met their bitter end. We still have no principle, but we have actually been given a little of a gift from the gods at AMC: the first poster for seachild 7 that also gets you excited for the show’s existence at San Diego Comic Con. Here it is:


I know, I know. It reveals literally nopoint to us acomponent from reminding us that WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHO DIES, yet it definitely ups the hype for the show’s rerevolve.

If you’re going to be at Comic Con this year, you deserve to view the Walking Dead panel in Hall H on Friday at 1pm. It’ll be worth the Hall H line, because they’ll be releasing the first trailer for season 7 at the panel. No word on as soon as it will be commonly released, but we deserve to assume it won’t be lengthy after the panel. And if you want a creepy keepsake from the con, you have the right to likewise speak by the show’s booth, #4237, to acquire a snapshot of yourself in Negan’s lineup.

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Of course, we won’t officially know that dies till the show’s return in October. I got a possibility to watch Jeffrey Dean Mbody organ at Denver Comic Con this year, and also he assured us that while the season premiere provides the summer hiatus wait worth the wait, we’re absolutely going to be gutted once we figure out who Negan kills. Does that expect Glenn’s luck has finally run out? Do we must obtain ready to riot over Daryl’s death? Does Michonne finding herself in a happy relationship intend that she’s now doomed? October can’t acquire right here shortly enough, right?

As for Negan’s continued presence on the show, he was just promoted to series consistent. While his raised role in the show makes complete sense if you know his story arc in the comics, it might be a bit of a bummer to some of you hoping he would certainly be “handled” as conveniently as Terminus was. Looks prefer also Rambo Carol can’t gain the team out of this scrape–at least not yet. From what Morgan told us at Denver Comic Con, things acquire crazy this seachild on The Walking Dead. “I laugh a lot on,” he told us, “Which in turn provides Andy Lincoln mad, which makes me laugh more.” Anypoint that makes Negan laugh that much can’t be an excellent sign for Team Rick.

What carry out you think of the poster? Who carry out you think Negan killed? Will you be at The Walking Dead panel this year at Comic Con? Let’s talk about it in the comments! 

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