After shambling along for seven episodes, The Walking Dead season 7 ultimately kicked into gear via its mid-season finale and confirmed, just like Spencer, it has actual guts. Tbelow were character deaths and also shock moments aplenty – however now we need to wait until February for an additional dose of undead mayhem.

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But are afraid not, AMC has released a trailer for Episode 9, teasingly titled ‘Rise Up’ *and* a clip from the episode. Aren’t we lucky?

The trailer focuses on Rick meeting with Ezekiel, leader of the Kingdom, however additionally contains quick shots of a figured out Michonne, lots of guns (including the rerevolve of Rick’s trusty revolver) and… no Negan. Boo.

Rick and also Daryl are earlier to their ass-kicking selves (it’s around time!) and the last secs of the trailer include the many messed-up looking zombie I’ve ever seen… or is it? Could we be obtaining our initially glimpse of The Whisperers? For those that choose their Walking Dead on display screen and also not on page, The Whisperers are a cult-choose group who dress themselves up as zombies bereason they’re, y’recognize, smart.

The clip shows Rick and also the gang at the Hilltop through Jesus revealing he’s got his hands on a long-distance radio so they deserve to listen in on the Saviors. How convenient.

Speaking of convenient, Jesus is supposedly pals with King Ezekiel so Jesus is all set to whisk them off to accomplish him at The Kingdom.

Check out the trailer above to aid tide you over till the next wave of The Walking Dead seachild 7 episodes hits AMC in February 2017.

Image: AMC"s Entertainment Writer. Lover of all things Nintencarry out, in a tortured love/hate connection with Crystal Palace, and also also possesses an unhealthy expertise of The Simpsons (which is of no use at parties).

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