The Walking Dead Exlevels Carol's Long Hair (& Why It Was Originally Short) The Walking Dead describes why Carol"s hair was originally so short and also now so lengthy, offering her hairstyle a surprising significance.

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Short and Long Hair Carol in The Walking Dead
Warning! SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead season 9, episode 10!

The Walking Dead explains Carol"s hair is long in seaboy 9 as well as why it was originally brief for all these years. Carol is just one of just two staying characters from season 1, and her brief hair came to be identified through the formidable suburban mommy. But following The Walking Dead seakid 9"s time jump, Carol acquired a brand also new look.

Carol"s long hair isn"t all that"s brand-new in season 9, either. Alengthy via the moment jump, The Walking Dead has presented numerous new characters to relocation those who they"ve recently lost. The Walking Dead series is also beginning to function a brand also brand-new villain for the survivors to fight off - Alpha and the Whisperers. And on an extra individual level, seaboy 9 has started including even more relationships in between personalities, from Rosita and also Gabriel to Alden and also Enid to, of course, Carol and Ezekiel.

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The sparks first began between Ezekiel and also Carol as soon as she left Alexandria and took up residence simply exterior the Kingdom"s walls. The war via the Saviors lugged them closer together, and also come The Walking Dead season 9 premiere, the two were officially an item. With Each Other, they"ve come to be the new parental fees to Henry, and also it"s he that reveals the thinking behind Carol"s adjust of hairstyle. In a conversation via Daryl in The Walking Dead seakid 9 episode 10, "Omega" - which comes after they learn around the abuse Lydia has withstood from her mommy, Alpha - Henry explains that Carol originally cut her hair so short to proccasion her abusive husband also from grabbing hold of it whenever she would try to obtain ameans.

The explanation for Carol"s brief hair makes perfect feeling, and it suits her prudent and also tactical nature. It additionally serves as a reminder that Carol - like Daryl and now Lydia - is a victim of abuse, and having sustained such vile actions has actually shaped her. Watching just how she"s get rid of her painful past is why Carol is such a compelling character, and she"s end up being among the toughest, the majority of capable, and respected of every one of Walking Dead"s survivors.

But even more than being reminder of just how much Carol"s come, discovering the reason why Carol offered to store her hair so brief highlights the reason why her hair is currently so lengthy - her connection via Ezekiel is a happy and also healthy one, and also Carol no longer requirements to undertake the same precaution to store herself safe. Additionally, Carol most likely kept her hair so brief well after her husband was eliminated bereason the exact same principle of making herself harder to grab operated simply as well for the walkers. But living safely behind the Kingdom"s walls, the require for short hair isn"t nearly as necessary.

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When Carol"s long hair was first unveiled, her look influenced a slew of memes poking fun at her dramatically different hairstyle. Now, it"s been revealed as a neat detail that helps to deepen Carol"s character, giving her brand-new look a significance that not only illustrates how much she"s grown, yet exactly how a lot safer she feels with Ezekiel at the Kingdom.