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Our four heroes are all in the bathroom at the same time bereason friends love to shower and shave as a team. As usual, Angela seems completely superfluous. She has actually lines, which is better than usual, but she does not actually contributeanypoint. But hey, she signed a contract, can as well compose her into the display. Cory is grossed out by Topanga having provided his razor to shave actually her legs, and also honestly I"m surprised Topanga even shaves her legs at all. Actually, back in "Cory"s Alterindigenous Friends" in seachild 1, Cory claims "You"re going to be one of those girls that doesn"t shave actually her legs, aren"t you," and also she answers that she hasn"t chose yet. I understand you"ve all been on the edge of your seats since then, this plot threview taunting you through its dangling threadiness, so here you go. We ultimately have actually the answer.

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BOY MEETS WORLD REVIEWED. FIVE STARS. Critics are raving, "Yeah it"s okay however I"d fairly simply watch the show."
Anymeans Cory lies about being grossed out, however Angela tells Topanga the reality (they"re all still in the bathroom), so Topanga decides to make a gigantic mountain out of the smallest molehill I"ve ever seen. Like those molehills in Banjo Kazooie? Smaller than that. Topgangrene declares that they need to be 100% totally hocolony via each other from currently on. Cory thinks it"s an excellent deal, but Shawn can watch peril from a mile ameans. Well, from the various other side of the bathroom. I do not know just how much that is.

We"ve transitioned to the coffee shop side of The Union, and also I"m seeing on the side of a mug that this place is referred to as Brew Lagoon. I probably need to have recorded that a long time earlier. Topaljs;dj comments that "My Petite Chou" is playing at the university theatre, and I swear they used that previously the series. It"s not a actual movie, and also it sounds so familiar, so it should have been on this show...
Cory, influenced by his new honesty powers, declares that he doesn"t want to check out My Petite Chou. Or the Icecapades! Due to the fact that he can"t gain in trouble for honesty currently, and also darn it, he does not like the Icecapades! Eric strolls in via, allegedly, Joshua in a baby carriage, yet it"s pretty obviously empty. Jack and also Rachel present up following, exhibiting what I"ve determined to speak to "The Chubbie"s Phenomenon", or Chubnomenon. The Chubnomenon is identified by people individually arriving in quick succession. Apparently Jachel are having their "initially dinner party". Everyone agrees to go, except Eric who doesn"t want to address the emotional chaos of being there.

Eric takes "Joshua" exterior and also pulls a Shawn, that is, woos a womale with lies by pretending to be the baby"s father when she takes interemainder. And it"s about time as well. Eric hasn"t had actually a girl because Jennifer Love Feffermale in 5x17. Amy and also Alan proceed the Chubnomenon, and also actually pretfinish to be Joshua"s grandparental fees to assist Eric. They"re most likely simply sick of Eric crying over Rachel, and will say pretty much anypoint at this point to acquire him to move on.
It"s time for the dinner party, and we sign up with our heroes in the elevator approximately Jachel"s apartment. Topanga has actually styled her hair in a method that I deserve to just define as "crinkle fries", and Cory is... well, view for yourself.

He plays the "you desire me to be honest" card aget, describing in vivid detail just how a lot he hates the crinkle fries hair. Funny stuff. Angela does not have any type of lines.
Inside the apartment, Rachel is influenced by Corpanga"s honesty deal to play a variation of Truth or Dare for world that are afrassist of dares. I expect, for God"s sake, what if they dared you to say a poor word?Anymethod it"s called The Honesty Game, and also you attract a name out of a hat and ask that perboy a question, which they have to answer truthtotally.

That was simply also perfect, I"m sorry. But seriously, pants are so frustrating, that shit happens all the moment.
The running gag of the night is that Jack is also passive and does not voice his opinions, which definitely wasn"t the situation when he was constantly calling Eric a moron in every episode prior to this one. It"s still pretty funny though, Matthew Lawrence does an excellent project via it. Eric arrives at the party via the girl he met earlier, Dana. As Shawn eloquently points out through a posh accent, this have to be amazing because Eric has actually told Dana nothing but lies. Refer earlier to the logo design to watch Eric"s opinion of Toplorable"s hair.
Crinkle Fries draws Shawn"s name from the hat, and asks him that he desires to spfinish a no-strings-attached night with, out of everyone on earth. That is a seriously saucy question for Topanga, favor, I would certainly mean Cory or pretty a lot anyone else to ask that before Topanga. Regardmuch less, he claims Angela because the writers aren"t quite finiburned boring us to fatality with that. At leastern she has an amazing response.
Angela makes it clear that this has to be no-strings, no commitment, no emotional attachment, and also then they head into... someone"s bedroom. Now check out that"s the a lot of amazing point Angela"s ever before done. But I guess that"s not saying a lot. Rachel asks Cory what he would readjust around Topanga if he might readjust any kind of one thing, literally the third time this question has been asked tonight, demonstrating simply HOW MUCH FUN this game have the right to be. Props to Topanga for asking something else.
Everyone including Topanga expects Cory to make some comment around sex, yet he actually says he doesn"t desire Topanga to have to be perfect all the moment. This is confutilizing, considering that a few episodes earlier he demanded that she act prefer the old Topanga, who, in addition to being "weird", essential to be perfect at every little thing. Regardless, she does not agree that she constantly needs to be perfect, and also proves it via the harshest thing she"s ever shelp.
Rachel is either as shocked as I am, or she, prefer Cory, desires to eat Topanga"s crinkle fries. She did make tater tots, yet it"s just not the same.
Even though Topanga blatantly crossed the line, she decides that she is the victim and also leaves the party, via Cory chasing after her. Rachel blames herself since she started The Honesty Video Game, yet Jack defines that the party would have been bad no issue what. That"s a emotional sentiment, and also Rachel appreciates it because she"s not Topanga.
We take a pilgrimage over to the love shack, which is actually Rachel"s room. Huh. My money was on Eric"s old room. Poor Rachel. Shawn and also Angela are going at it pretty tough while some cruiseliner saxophone music is playing in the background. Shawn"s having actually trouble following the statute of "no emotional attachment", which is slightly backward from just how things ended in between them with Shawn unable to make a commitment, however I"m certain this will certainly develop even more as we go on.
OKAY HERE WE GO NOW, Cory and also Topanga are in the elevator to leave and they resolve the totality Yale shit pretty quick, BUT THAT"S NOT IMPORTANT HERE. Topanga comments, as they take on, that she simply wants to be able to use his razor, that she does not desire a relationship that"s just two people living under the exact same roof. Cory is still grossed out by the concept, also even more by the idea of her utilizing his toothbrush. Oh, crap, we have to go back to the love shack actual quick, but remember this, I love wbelow this goes.
Shawn decides that it"s an excellent time to confess his love to Angela, that really does not desire to hear it, and then pushes him off the bed.
Shawn realizes that he"s founding to embrace some of the partnership worths that Cory and also Topanga have, and also he"s not exactly happy about it.
OKAY HERE IT IS, back in the elevator, Topanga"s exploding around exactly how ridiculous it is that Cory will not share his toothbrush if they"re going to spfinish the remainder of their stays together. Cory asks her if she have the right to take care of real honesty, and that is specifically what he brings to the table. "The reality is, I could never before share any kind of of my personal items via someone who won"t also display me her tushie!"
What really seals the deal is that Crinkle Fries nearly instantly agrees that that"s fair. She"s been demanding complete emotional link while holding ago the physical link, and because she"s a rational human being she is able to admit that that was a bit one sided. Awesome. That is the type of relationship breakthrough you want to view. A+.
Corpanga re enter the party, via Cory proclaiming that he has actually "viewed the promised land", and I intend, as much as I"m pertained to, boobs are the promised land also, however Cory is permitted to have his opinion. Angela and also Shawn leave the party for some reason currently. Sure the minute was damaged in the bedroom, but they could also eat, I dunno.
Eric goes on to insurance claim that he is also Batman. As we all recognize, Will Friedle was the voice of the new Batman in Batguy Beyond, which was an awesome cartoon, and also it began airing a few months before this episode aired, so yeah, nice work-related, writers. Eric has actually been hilarious.
Throughout the credits, Cory supplies Topanga"s deodorant in The Bathroom, which she thinks is gross, so I can not actually tell if we made any kind of progress at all. Shawn follows Angela into the bathroom, one more instance of the Chubnomenon, but he claims that he"s not following her and also does not care about her at all. She gives him a big smooch, however he stands his ground. Angela leaves the bathroom, elevating the question of why she came in here to begin through, and also as quickly as she"s gone Shawn hops over for a cold shower. The Hunter Boys" erections are out of manage in this episode.
Plot: 1.0 - I don"t have actually any actual difficulties through this. I don"t understand anyone who hosts dinner parties at 19, yet it was a fine excusage to have an ensemble episode. We haven"t had an excellent among these in a lengthy time.
Character Development: 1.0 - Shawn"s feelings for Angela re-emerge, Jack and also Rachel actually seem like a real, functioning couple, and Cory and Topanga make some development in their relationship also. Great stuff, although Eric is still stuck in his lie-tacular case. He doesn"t seem to mind though.
Life Lesson: 1.0- Physical intimacy matters. And keeping it no-strings-attached can be harder than you think.

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4.0 out of 4.0. Going right into it, I didn"t suppose to give it a complete score, but I really have nopoint negative to say about it, and also the majority of good things. Some genuine connection breakthroughs taken place right here, and it was a lot of fun acquiring tbelow. Anypoint negative in the writeup was simply for comedic impact. I hope by currently it"s clear as soon as I"m being negative for humor and also when I"m being negative to be instrumental.