a combining create interpretation “hard,” used via this meaning, and as a combining develop of sclera, in the formation of compound words: sclerometer.

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sclerema neonatorum, sclerenchyma, scleriritomy, sclerite, scleritis, sclero-, scleroatrophy, scleroblastema, sclerochoroiditis, scleroconjunctival, sclerocornea

Sclero- is a combining create supplied favor a prefix to intend “hard” or as a form of sclera, the white external layer of the eyeball. Sclero- is regularly provided in clinical and also clinical terms.

Sclero- comes from the Greek sklērós, meaning “difficult.” The Greek sklērós also helps develop the Greek word sklḗrōsis, literally definition “hardening” and also source of the English word sclerosis. You might have actually encountered sclerosis in the word atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries.

What are variants of sclero-?

When unified through words or word elements that begin with a vowel, sclero- becomes scler-, as in sclerema.

Instances of sclero-

An instance of a word you may have actually encountered that features sclero- is scleroderma, a disease in which connective tproblem in the body becomes hardened and rigid.

We recognize that sclero- implies “tough.” The second component of the word, -derma, indicates “skin,” supplied especially for skin disorders. Scleroderma, then, literally translates to “difficult skin.”

What are some words that usage the combining form sclero-?

What are some other creates that sclero- might be generally perplexed with?

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What does a sclerometer, a tool offered in mineralogy, measure?  

How to use sclero- in a sentence

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British lutz-heilmann.info meanings for sclero-


before a vowel scler-

combining form
indicating hardnesssclerosis
of or relating to the sclerasclerotomy

Word Origin for sclero-

from Greek sklēros hard

Medical meanings for sclero-


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