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fantasia, likewise referred to as fantasy or fancy, in music, a composition totally free in form and inspiration, normally for an important soloist; in 16th- and 17th-century England the term was used particularly to fugal compositions (i.e., based upon melodic imitation) for consorts of string or wind instruments. Earlier 16th-century fantasias for lute or key-board included short sections based upon one or more musical motives. In England also the fantasy or sophisticated for keyboard, lute, or viola had actually a late flowering at the time of Henry Purcell (1659–95).

In the 17th and early 18th centuries in Germany kind of the body organ Fantasie reflected this improvisatory character, in direct comparison to the very structured fugue that typically adhered to. Freedom of develop and also execution persisted in the fantasias of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714–88), Mozart, Beethrange, and also Franz Schubert, some of which kept the fugal aspect as well. Robert Schumann in his Fantasie, Opus 17 (1836), and Frédéric Chopin in his Fantaisie in F Minor (1840) preserved the tradition of a single, self-consisted of activity, at least outwardly. But later on functions, including Arnold Schoenberg’s Phantasy for Violin and Piano (1949), typically recall the sectionalized plan that prevailed during the Renaissance and early on Baroque durations. The facility contrapuntal key-board fantasias of J.S. Bach (e.g., Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, c. 1720), on the various other hand also, influenced equivalent functions by Franz Liszt, Max Reger, and also Ferruccio Busoni. Some composers have actually exploited the fantasia for its programmatic, or descriptive, possibilities, among them John Mundy (died 1630), that composed a fantasia on the weather, and also Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, that composed his symphonic fantasy Francesca da Rimini in 1876. While appealing particularly to the romantic creativity, the fantasia served, from the beginning, also as a vehicle for important elaboration of vocal music (e.g., Schubert’s “Wanderer” fantasy <1822>, based upon one of his own songs, and also Ralph Vaughan Williams’s Fantasia on “Greensleeves” <1934>).

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Simultaneously a much freer form was cultivated, beginning in the late 18th century, the fantasia, mostly for key-board,...