Your Consumer Rights

World Consumer Rights Day is commemorated on 15 March yearly - the anniversary of the speech given in 1962 by US President John F. Kennedy in which he claimed four fundamental customer rights:

the appropriate to safetythe best to be informedthe best to pick the best to be heard.

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Two decades later,in the 1980s,four more legal rights were included by the international coalition of consumer groups:

the ideal to satisfactivity of basic demands the appropriate to redressthe appropriate to consumer educationthe best to a healthy setting.

Since that time these eight rights have developed the basis for continuous occupational by consumer groups throughout the human being.

The rights can be defined in the following terms:


The righttosatisfactionoffundamental needs-to have actually accessibility to standard,vital products and also services:adequate food, apparel, sanctuary, healthtreatment,education and learning and sanitation.

The ideal to a healthy and balanced atmosphere -to live and job-related in an environment which is non-threatening to the health of current and future generations.

Thebest tosafety-to be defended against products, production procedures and solutions that are hazardous to health and wellness or life.

The right to be heard -to have actually consumer interests stood for in the making and also execution of federal government policy, and also in the breakthrough of products and also services.

Therightto redress-to obtain a fair settlement of simply claims, including compensation for misdepiction, shoddy goods or unsatismanufacturing facility services.

Therighttobe informed-to be given the facts required to make an informed choice, and to be safeguarded against dishocolony or misleading declaring and also labelling.

The appropriate to consumer education -to obtain understanding and also skills necessary to make increated, confident options about products and solutions, while being aware of standard consumer rights and also obligations and also just how to act on them.

Therighttochoose-to be able to choose from a range of products and services, available at competitive prices through an assurance of satismanufacturing facility high quality.


The United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection (UNGCP)are "a beneficial set of principles for setting out the primary attributes of effective customer protection law, enforcement establishments and redress systems and for assisting interested Member States in formulating and enforcing domestic and neighborhood legislations, rules and regulations that are suitable to their own financial and social and eco-friendly circumstances, as well as cultivating worldwide enforcement participation among Member States and encouraging the sharing of experiences in customer defense."

The guidelines were initially embraced by the General Assembly in resolution 39/248 of 16 April 1985and also were freshly revised by the General Assembly in resolution 70/186 of 22 December 2015.

The UN promotes the guidelines and also urges interested member States to create awareness of the many means in which member States, businesses and also civil society have the right to promote consumer defense in the provision of public and also personal products and services.

An Intergovernmental group of experts on customer protection legislation and policy has been establimelted to monitor the implementation of the guidelines, administer a forum for consultations, develop research study and research studies, provide technical assistance, undertake voluntary peer reviews, and periodically upday the UNGCP.

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