Tbelow was when a exceptionally beautiful princess called Claudia, who resided in a really big castle, for her father was the king of Dragoland. The young princess usually spent her days playing via friends in the castle dungeons. But sooner or later, Claudia and also her chums went for a walk about the castle wall surfaces where there was a forest complete of trees.

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Claudia was the a lot of beautiful of all her friends. Her long blonde hair and massive green eyes intended that people noticed her wherever before she went.

As they gone into the forest, the girls noticed somepoint relocating among the tree branches, however couldn’t watch who or what it was… Suddenly, an huge dragon came flying out of the undergrowth and got hold of Claudia through his claws. Then, as easily as he had actually come, the dragon flew ago deeper and also deeper right into the forest. Terrified, the other girls ran earlier to the castle to tell the king what had actually taken place.


The King of Dragoland was so alequipped at hearing the news that his daughter had actually been kidnapped by a dragon that he ordered an army of a thousand men to rescue her. At the same time, the dragon had actually currently got to his lair via the princess.
The young princess was so scared that she kept a cshed eye on the dragon’s eincredibly movement, for she feared that he would injury her. Suddenly, the dragon crouched over her and also said: “Don’t be afrassist, dear princess, I won’t hurt you. I simply want you to be my bride.”

Claudia was astoniburned by this, for she had actually never before imagined a dragon could prefer her. After a couple of minutes, she answered: “But dragon, I don’t want to be your bride. I desire to marry Prince Nicholas. Moreover, you are a dragon and also I am a girl and also you must discover a lady dragon to love you.”

Listening to young princess Claudia, the dragon reflected for a couple of minutes and also then said:”Princess Claudia, I think you’re appropriate. I should find a bride who is just like me, but once I witnessed you in the forest you were so beautiful… I’m exceptionally sorry for having actually imprisoned you in my lair.

Right at that minute, the king’s thousand also soldiers burst right into the dragon’s cave to conserve the princess. Seeing they were about to shoot the dragon, Claudia shouted: “Noooo! Don’t shoot, he hasn’t harmed me! Stop!” Then the dragon set his cregulation on the ground for the princess to climb up, and took her to the entrance of the lair wbelow her father the king was waiting.

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And that was exactly how the dragon interpreted that he need to respect the princess Claudia’s advice, and look for a lady dragon to share the remainder of his life with.