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Receiving message - "The Person You Have Called is Not Available"

Receiving message - "The Human being You Have Called is Not Available"

csmcvey (TechnicalUser)
Some of our extensions are demostrating some odd habits.I am by no implies an professional through the BCM200, however I perform have actually an easy knowledge.When a DN is on the phone via an outide party and they recieve another speak to, that new speak to is receiving a message that says "The Human being You Have Called is Unavailable" and then a different voice proceeds to talk around leaving a message or searching the directory.In the Call Forwarding section tright here is no # gone into in for the "Foward on Busy" value.If I enter the voicemail # it takes the brand-new call into voicemail, like it have to.However before, the user
this DN likes the call to ring in so they have actually the option of picking it up before it rolls into voicemail.Any principles on just how to correct this issue?I am clueless.

RE: Receiving message - "The Person You Have Called is Not Available"

acewarlock (TechnicalUser)10 Aug 06 17:08
My forward no answer is set to 1638 which is our voicemail #.It is set for 4 rings.This is what is baffling me.Thanks.

RE: Receiving message - "The Human being You Have Called is Not Available"

abcm (TechnicalUser)10 Aug 06 20:45
Set DND on Busy to Yes if you perform not desire your callsinterrupted via a ring tone as soon as a second call comes in. Instead,the switch flashes, indicating an incoming contact.I suspect DND might be set to No.

RE: Receiving message - "The Human You Have Called is Not Available"

dagnya (TechnicalUser)11 Aug 06 14:44
How many intercom keys perform you have? If you just have actually 1 and it is busy and also a 2nd call comes in it will not go to voicemail and also you would certainly gain the message you are hearing. You need a route for the caller to acquire to voicemail.
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