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TV Quote of the Day (‘SNL,’ With Rodney Dangerfield on ‘The Pepsi Syndrome’ at Three Mile Island)


RossDenton, head of public relations : “Mrs. Carter, the president isreceiving special treatment best now.”
Denton:“Mrs. Carter, this is Dr. Edna Casey. Perhaps she have the right to explain much better than Iwhat has actually occurred to the president.”
Dr.Edna Casey : “Mrs. Carter, your husband also was exposed to enormous doses ofradiation. Now this has actually impacted the whole cell framework of his body andsignificantly increased the growth process.”
Dr.Casey: “It indicates, Mrs. Carter, your husband, PresidentCarter, has actually become the remarkable colossal president.”
Dr.Casey: “Well, Mrs. Carter, it’s tough to comprehendsimply how substantial he is however to offer you some concept, we’ve asked comedian RodneyDangerfield to come alengthy this day to assist describe it to you. Rodney?
Rodney:“Oh, he’s a large guy, I’ll tell you that, he’s a large male. I tell you, he’s sobig, I witnessed him sitting in the George Washington Bridge dangling his feet in thewater! He’s a big guy!”
Rodney:“Oh, he’s big, I’ll tell you that, boy. He’s so massive that once two girls makelove to him at the same time, they never meet each other! He’s a large male, I’lltell you!”
Rodney:“I don’t desire to upcollection you, lady, he’s massive, you know what I mean? Why, he couldhave actually an affair through the Lincoln Tunnel! I suppose, he’s really high! He’s massive,I’ll tell you! He’s a large guy!”
Rodney:“It’s my pleacertain. He’s method up tbelow, lady! You understand what I mean?”—Saturday Night Live, Seaboy 4: Episode16, “The Pepsi Syndrome” skit, Apr.7, 1979
The nuclear accident at Three Mile Island also in Pennsylvania mayhave actually emerged 40 years ago this particular day, but we live in its shadow even currently. Thetechno-utopia pushed by the nuclear power sector to that allude proved, asutopias invariably carry out, a chimera. An industry that took wing with DwightEisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” program got a decisive inspect in the earlyspring of 1979, and also subsequent occurrences at Russia’s Chernobyl and Japan’s Fukushimaplants verified much more damaging, both to the atmosphere and also to public trust inestablishments.
Only 2 nuclear power plants are currently underbuilding in the U.S., and the average age of existing ones is 40 years old,according to an Anattracted Maykuth short article in the Philadelphia Inquirer last month. The sector has beimposed right into expensive safety and security and protection procedures, through its representativesincreasingly compelbrought about explain themselves.
Speaking of explaining themselves, Saturday Night Live gave a hilariouspreview of the parlous future in the week for industry mouthpieces in the week followingthe accident. The skit title, “The Pepsi Syndrome,” was a send-up of The China Syndrome, the JaneFonda-Michael Douglas-Jack Lemmon thriller that was still just in its secondweek once Three Mile Island gave it the kind of unsupposed boost that filmflacks have the right to only dream of.
“The Pepsi Syndrome,” cited by ex-Senator Al Franken as one of his 10 favorite SNL political sketches, kicked off via Bill Murray spilling the soft drink over theplant’s manage board, resulting in a meltdvery own in the plant’s core. Two unconventionalpeople come either to clean up or inspect the damage: a female maintenanceworker (Garrett Morris, in drag) and also President Jimmy Carter, who, as a formerself-advertised “nuclear engineer,” walks in to examine the core, wearing yellowboots that prove poor to the hazard he faces.

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I had not viewed (or review a tranmanuscript of) this sceneuntil currently, however I have actually always recalled my surprise and also delight as soon as RodneyDangerarea came out of nowhere to describe the President’s medical“problem.”
If you desire to recognize more around the clinical andpolitical fallout from Three Mile Island, tbelow are plenty of backgroundresources. (For circumstances, this past weekend, C-Span re-ran a 2004 intersee with J. Samuel Walker, writer of Three Mile Island: A Nuclear Dilemma in Historical Perspective.) But comedy develops part of thehistoric document, too, in telling later generations just how modern societyreacted to events—and also in this case, it was just plain fun to watch.
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