1.When the novellaopens up, exactly how lengthy has actually it been because Santiback last captured a fish?

40 days84 days87 days120 days

2.Manolin’s parentsrefuse to let the boy fish with the old male bereason they believeSantiago is salao. How does Hemingmethod translate this word?

“Crazy”“Selfish”“Washed up”“The worst form of unlucky”

3.How does Hemingwaydescribe Santiago’s eyes?

They are full of pain.They are empty through defeat.They betray the weariness of his soul.They are the color of the sea.

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4.What kind of receptiondoes Santiback get at the terrace café?

The anglers regard him as a hero.Many of the anglers mock him.The effective anglers sell him a portion of their day’scatch.The younger fishermen pretfinish that the old male doesn’t exist.

6.What hangs onthe wall of the old man’s shack?

A photograph of his wifeThe latest baseball scoresA mounted fishPictures

7.On the night beforehe assures Manolin to go “much out” to sea, of what does Santiagodream?

A great stormA beautiful womanLions on the beachA wrestling match

8.Why does Santiagonot let his lines drift prefer the other fishermen?

He is a stubborn man that prefers the old-fashioned wayof fishing.He believes it is imspecific, and also he strivesalways to be specific.It is dangerous, as he can become tangled through anotherboat.He is no longer young or strong sufficient to regulate a driftingline.

10.How does theold male know automatically the dimension of the excellent marlin he has caught?

Soon after taking the bait, the fish jumps right into theair, showing itself to the old male.Santiago has actually encountered this fish prior to as a younger guy.He pulls and also pulls on the line and nothinghappens.He doesn’t recognize the size of the fish till after the sharkshave attacked it.

11.During his greatbattle via the marlin, what does Santiearlier wish repeatedly?

He wishes he were younger.He wishes for much better devices.He wishes that the anglers that mocked him earlier wereexisting to witness his victory.He wishes that the boy, Manolin, werethrough him.

13.As his firstfull day of fighting via the fish wears on, what does Santiagostart to think around his adversary?

He praises the fish because it assures to carry a wonderfulprice at industry.He considers that he and the marlin arebrothers, joined by the truth that they both ventured far out beyondall people and threats in the water.He detests the fish for its vigor and vitality.He believes that the fish is a test of his worth, sent tohim by God.

14.What does theweary warbler that lands on Santiago’s fishing line make the oldman think of?

The probcapability that he, like the bird, will nevermake it ago to landThe predatory hawks that await the bird’sarrival close to landThe concealed stamina of the weakThe beauty of the natural world

15.What happensto make Santiearlier curse the treachery of his very own body?

He gets seasick.He has diarrhea.His hand also cramps.He needs to sleep.

16.In order to helphimself catch the fish, what does Santiearlier do?

He guarantees to pay even more attention to Manolin upon his rerotate.He decides to repoint out ten Hail Marys andten Our Fathers.He ligh10s the boat by throwing all unnecessary weight overboard.He ties the skiff to a buoy so that the fish cannotpull it farther out to sea.

17. The good JoeDiMaggio suffers from what affliction?

A bone spurAlcoholismA damaged kneeFailing eyesight

18.To give himselfconfidence, Santiback remembers his dispute via “the good negroof Cienfuegos.” At what sport did the old guy beat this challenger?

FencingTennis Arm wrestlingBoxing

19.Why does thebelieved of selling the fish’s meat disapallude the old man?

He knows human being will certainly prepare the marlin, however it is ideal eatenraw.Market prices are low, and also Santiback will acquire just a fractionof what the fish is worth.Due to the fact that marlin has actually an unpleasant taste, Santiback wishes hecaptured somepoint that created better eating, like a shark.The civilization that will certainly eat the meat areunworthy.

21.How does Santiagolastly kill the marlin?

He harpoons it with the heart.He stabs it in between the eyes.He lashes it to the inside of the boat.He bashes its head with his club.

22.How long doesit take for the sharks to arrive and also assault the marlin?

Ten minutesOne hourSix hoursA complete day

23.After the sharkstrike, Santiback shows that damage is unpreventable. How doeshe articulate this philosophy?

The world is such an inhospitable area that no death shouldbe mourned.Out, out, brief candle!Even the worthiest opponents must loss.Everything in the human being kills everythingelse in some means.

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24.What happensupon the old man’s go back to his fishing village?

Manolin assures to sail through him.The anglers mock Santiago for the folly of sailingout so much.Tourists ask the old male to recount his adventures.A statue is erected in his honor.

25.The old guy remembersthat when, once he killed a female marlin, the male marlin

Bit the tail off the femaleReturned via a posse of marlins seeking revengeMade a sound like tright here were nails being driven throughhis finsSwam alongside the watercraft as though inmourning
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