The paperback edition includes the novella “Larger than Life,” a Q&A via Jodi, and also discussion questions. Book club, anyone?

Throughout her blockbuster career, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult has seamlessly blended nuanced characters, riveting plots, and rich pclimbed, brilliantly creating stories that “not just provoke the mind yet touch the flawed souls in every one of us” (The Boston Globe). Now, in her extremely anticipated brand-new novel, she’s ceded her most affecting job-related yet —a book unlike anything she’s composed prior to.

LEAVING TIME debuted as #1 NYT bestseller!

Jodi’s new novel, Leaving Time, was released in the US, Canada, and also Australia October 14, 2014, and also in the UK on fourth November. 13-year-old Jenna Metcalf is on a search, searching for her mom, Alice, an elephant researcher, that disappeared 10 years earlier after a tragic accident at their sanctuary for previous circus/zoo elephants in New England also. Leaving Time explores the mother-daughter connection, be it elephant or human, and also the idea that those we can not forobtain are never truly gone. …even more

Best-marketing, reliably entertaining, and also thought-provoking Picoult"s newest multifaceted novel is redolent via elephant lore that explores the animals" behavior when faced through death and grief, and combines a touching tale of huguy loss through a perplexing crime story that delivers a powerhouse finishing.

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Booklist A conversation via Jodi around Leaving Time

National Geographic Live!Jodi discusses Leaving Time via Don George, National Geographic Editor-at-huge. She defines individual experiences that assisted shape the story, including her own familial relationships and her expedition to Botswana, wright here she learned about the urgent crisis dealing with elephants.

My mother would never have left me behind, not willingly. If it"s the last thing I carry out, I"m going to prove it.

The publisher: Ballantine Books, publication date: October 14, 2014

Paperago publication date: April 28, 2015; The paperago edition includes the novella Larger Than Life.

For even more than a decade, Jenna Metcalf has actually never before stopped thinking about her mommy, Alice, that mysteriously disshowed up in the wake of a tragic accident. Refutilizing to think that she would certainly be abandoned as a young boy, Jenna searcs for her mommy routinely online and pores over the pages of Alice’s old journals. A scientist who studied grief among elephants, Alice composed mainly of her research study among the animals she loved, yet Jenna hopes the entries will certainly administer a clue to her mother’s whereabouts.

Despeprice to discover the fact, Jenna enlists two unlikely allies in her search. The initially is Serenity Jones, a psychic that rose to fame finding absent persons—only to later on doubt her presents. The second is Virgil Stanhope, a jaded exclusive detective who initially investigated Alice’s instance along with the strange, maybe linked death of one of her colleagues. As the three job-related together to uncover what occurred to Alice, they realize that in asking hard questions, they’ll have to challenge also harder answers.

As Jenna’s memories dovetail through the events in her mother’s journals, the story races to a mesmerizing complete. A deeply relocating, gripping, and also intelligent page-turner, Leaving Time is Jodi Picoult at the height of her powers.

Rebrowsing — with Professor Abigail Baird on the grounds of the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald Tennescheck out.

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I had actually the pleasure of spending time tright here with the caregivers and their “girls”. Both Afrihave the right to and also Asian elephants spend their days in their own respective habitats, "just being elephants". 2700 acres of wooded hills, valleys, ponds, creeks and a lake are available to these elephants, retired from circoffers and also zoos. Heated state-of-the-art barns are always open up for their selecting. Enjoy watching these Big Girls dusting, napping, swimming and also socializing with their friends.

Track in to the Elecam stream to see the Girls and also their daily activities! The emphasis is on the Elephant Sanctuary and also its on-demand cam footage.

A Keep in mind to Animal Lovers — from Jodi

I’d urge any type of animal lovers to consider visiting — the website for the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee. In addition to watching live elecams (be careful, you will lose hrs of valuable work time . . . ) you can “adopt” an elephant, or make a donation in memory of an pet lover, or feed all the elephants for one day —no amount is too little, and all are so significantly appreciated. Please also visit the Global Sanctuary for Elephants (, which is helping develop holistic, natural elephant sanctuaries world-wide.

For those that would certainly choose to learn even more about poaching and/or elephants in the wild, or to add to those fighting to acquire international restrictions in location to proccasion it from happening, please visit:

The Billy and also Kani Fund

The Billy and Kani Fund supports elephant recovery in Africa and Thailand also, and fosters education and learning about and also conservation of elephants. Their mission is to regain room, tranquility and also protection for elephants and also tribal communities.

Publication club discussion questions

Regardless of their different backgrounds, Jenna, Serenity, and Virgil form a kind of untypical family together. What perform you think brings them together? Have you ever had actually a comparable suffer of finding support from an unmost likely source?Alice says that 98 percent of scientific research is quantifiable, leaving 2 percent “that can’t be measured or explained. And yet that does not expect it doesn’t exist.” (p. 392) Do you agree or disagree? Can you think of examples from the book or from your very own endure of something that fits into that 2 percent?Virgil grapples with helping Jenna when he suspects discovering the reality can be even more painful to her than never before discovering. Have you ever remained in a instance wright here you knew a reality that it might hurt someone to hear? What did you do?Serenity’s fake psychic readings are successful, she claims, because human being look for sense in the nonsensical. Do you agree or disagree? If a psychic analysis brings someone comfort or helps them grieve, do you think it matters if the message is faked?Jenna meets up through another character at the extremely end of the book. (pp. 394–395) Were you surprised to view who that was? Why or why not?Alice defines some exceptional examples of elephants showing up to exhibit grief and also empathy, which are drawn from real–life study. Discuss some of the methods elephant grief is portrayed. How is it the exact same as humale mourning? How is it different?One of the major themes ofLeaving Timeis loss and also exactly how to cope through it. Discuss some of the ways the characters in this novel resolve their losses. Do you recognize via any type of of these coping mechanisms more than others? How do you technique loss?Do you think Thomas’s erratic and also upestablishing actions justifies Alice’s affair via Gideon? What would you have done in Alice’s place?Jenna compares her search for her mother to Captain Ahab’s search for the whale inMoby-Dick,or Javert searching Jean Valjean inLes Misérables,saying they are all 3 identified by their search. Do you agree with this assessment? Have you ever before felt identified in this way by somepoint you wanted?Why perform you think Serenity loses her gift? And why execute you think Jenna is able to help lug it back?Do you believe in ghosts? If you could communicate through anyone who has actually passed ameans, who would certainly it be?Discuss the definition of the titleLeaving Time. What is the literal definition that Jenna ascribes to the expression as a baby? What are some various other means the title could be interpreted?“Negative moments get remembered. Traumatic ones acquire forobtained.” (p. 12) What carry out you think this means? Do you agree or disagree? Have you ever experienced somepoint and uncovered later that someone else remembers it totally differently?

Intersee through Tusk


Tusk asked Jodi a few questions around her experiences through elephants while relooking for Leaving Time.

How long did you spfinish doing research study for Leaving Time and what did that entail?

For research study, I was I was privileged to initially spend time at The Elephant Sanctuary in TN, meeting their elephants and also discovering what the caregivers execute and also how the sanctuary opeprices. I additionally saw Botswana and also spent a week through a researcher, tracking herds in the wild, a lot choose Alice does in the book. I learned to track elephants by footprint, to tell them apart, and also to observe their behavior and mannerisms. I additionally gathered stories around evidence of elephant cognition and also the unbreakable bond of elephant relationships. For instance, the researcher I functioned via uncovered a male juvenile whose trunk was captured in a snare. He wouldn"t endure without the trunk, so a decision was made to have actually the Wildlife Management folks euthanize him. The researcher drove the Wildlife Management worker to the elephant in a vehicle, but the worker was inexperienced and also shot the elephant in the forehead rather of behind the ear. This left the elephant in even more pain, trumpeting. At that moment, a substantial matriarch charged dvery own the hill at the automobile. This young male had been ejected from the herd already -- he was in his teens - however his mom heard his distress and anxiety and also came running all the exact same. She stood over him, like a mommy stands over a tiny calf for protection, till he died. Another instance arisen in Pilanesberg, SA, a reserve existed for elephants that were orphaned after culls for population control. It was a social experiment – they thought these teen elephants would bond right into a herd, yet that didn’t occur, bereason there was no matriarch. So a decision was made to lug 2 older females, Durga and Owalla, earlier to Africa from the US wbelow they had been functioning and also training. It was a success – the two matriarch developed 2 thriving herds. However before, Owalla obtained bitten by a hippo 16 years later on and couldn’t be anesthetized for clinical reasons. They knew she was going to die, if not treated. So Randall Moore – Owalla’s former trainer –was called in. He found the herd, gained out of his auto, and dubbed Owalla by name. The younger members of the herd scattered, terrified of this human call. Owalla came forward and greeted Randall, and then lifted her trunk and her leg according to his commands, letting the vets treat her without any kind of anesthetic. After sixteen years of being totally wild, she remembered him, and also his commands.

What was the a lot of amazing thing you learned from examining elephants?

Elephants are among the few species in this human being (including humans) that present cross-species empathy – they will assist out one more animal in dianxiety even if there is no biological advantage. Their grieving rituals are impressive also – an elephant will certainly have actually a readjust in actions if it comes throughout the bones of one more elephant – gaining quiet and reverential, and also the tail and ears droop. Elephants will certainly return to the site of a herd member’s death for years afterward, to stand quietly for a while before relocating on. They have been recognized to break right into research study framework and also take bones of an elephant that are being used by a researcher, and also to lug them ago to the site of that elephant’s death. At The Elephant Sanctuary, I met Sissy, an elephant that made it through the 1981 Gainesville Flood by being subunified for 24 hrs through only her trunk over water. When she obtained to the sanctuary, she was traumatized and also required to delivering roughly a tire, choose a child’s defense blanket. At some point she bonded via an elephant called Tina and also they were quick friends. But Tina died, and when she did, Sissy continued to be with her – and also then remained by her grave for a few days. Finally, she placed her tire on the grave – favor a wreath – and also left it behind, never before to go back to it – almost as if she thought Tina essential the comfort more, currently.

What did you learn around the plight of elephants?

Meeting these elephants in the wild and in sanctuaries really hammered residence for me the damage done to elephants in bondage. The allude of zoos was to build reproduction programs and more importantly to encourage conservation of pets that can not be native to a country. However before, the need for this has actually been diminished as the internet has actually developed. Any school son, for example, have the right to learn around elephants in Africa with a click. The zoo habitat is never big sufficient to accommodate an elephant. In addition, elephants live in herds, so developing a "fake herd" of 2 of 3 elephants is much prefer throwing a humale right into a cell via a stranger and assuming they will be rapid friends. 75% of elephants in North Amerihave the right to zoos are overweight, 40% have foot or joint problems, and also 80% have actually behavior tics like head bobbing or swaying as a result of stress and anxiety. For every elephant born in a zoo, another two die -- so even saying that zoos foster breeding programs is not quite precise. Ideally, elephants have to not be in zoos. Sanctuaries allow an elephant to live out the remainder of its life in a habitat that is hundreds of acres, and to not be on display -- in sanctuaries, elephants set their time for coming and going. Of course, elephants in the wild are not prospering either. In Africa, 38,000 elephants are eliminated yearly by poachers. Right currently the estimate is that in ten years tbelow will certainly be no even more African elephants. The price of an ounce of ivory has skyrocketed from $150 to $1300, as a result of demand also from the far east (Southeastern Asia and China). And lest you think poaching doesn"t matter below in the US, eincredibly month 1-3 lots of ivory is poached by members of Al Shabaab, a terrorist team in Somalia via clear links to Al Quaeda. In order to conserve elephants, we must continue to spcheck out the word around poaching, as Tusk and the Clinton Global Initiative have actually done. The UN has actually produced a resolution saying that poaching fuels instcapability in countries, and also President Obama banned ivory trade in the US. This is all a great start. But in enhancement, the nations where poaching is the worst requirements to offer their farmers an economic different to the one being offered by poachers. Local governments must see that the expense of shedding tourism will certainly far exceed the immediate cash circulation of poaching elephants, and also must create punishments for poachers that reflect this. At the same time, those that demand also ivory have to be educated around the reality of poaching -- many think that an elephant deserve to reprosper a tusk, which is not true; the just means to get an elephant tusk is to kill the elephant.

What execute you think your readers can carry out that will assist conserve elephants?If you are came to around elephants, donate time and money to an acattributed anti-poaching company. And write your congressional representatives and tell them to assistance the presidential initiative against poaching. Why did you pick elephants? What around them influenced you most?

I have 3 youngsters, and my daughter – my youngest – was acquiring prepared to go to college, which intended I’d be an empty nester. It was daunting, to say the leastern. Then I check out that in the wild, an elephant mom and daughter continue to be together until among them die. I assumed, How enlightened! Why can’t we be like that!? I started to carry out a little digging on elephants, and also when I discovered that they actually grieve and also experience and process loss, I was totally hooked, and also knew I would certainly be composing around what it intended to be left behind…and also that I had my profession for the character of Alice.