Chicago Med Seakid 7 Episode 6 Review: When You"re A Hammer Everything"s A Nail

Throughout the hour, Stevie tried to manipulate the situation to impose her therapy setup on her mom.

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She assigned Vanessa to the case so that Stevie might be in charge, constantly argued through Terri, and also even tried to install a tracking device right into Terri"s antibiotic meds so that she might examine whether her mom was taking the meds.

And as soon as all else failed, she had actually Terri"s van towed so that Terri would have actually no choice yet to remain via her.

Stevie can have had actually her mother"s ideal interests in mind, yet talk about enabling!


Dr. Charles didn"t go as much as using the E word once he advised Stevie to back off her mommy. Maybe if he had, it would have actually made a distinction.

But he did suggest out that Stevie had been parenting her mommy her entire life and that a action earlier would be excellent for both of them.

Charles: I"ll offer it a swarm. Anything else I should know?Stevie: You"ll watch pretty quick what you"re up against.Charles: Okay. Just don"t desire to go in flying blind.Stevie: It"s complicated. My dad left before I have the right to remember, and my totality childhood was invested relocating from area to place, periodically in the middle of the night to avoid having actually to pay the next month"s rent. Charles: It sounds chaotic.Stevie: Yeah. And I assumed it was normal.

Too poor Stevie couldn"t take that advice.

It seemed like she thought telling her mother that it was approximately her whether or not to take the antibiotics was being hands-off. Still, she just did that AFTER she manipulated the case so that Terri couldn"t live in her van anymore.


Ugh. This is not going to go well.

Terri threw a fit once Stevie tried to put a tracker in her meds, as well she must. She hadn"t asked for that, and Stevie wanted to carry out it behind her back. So how does Stevie think Terri will certainly feel once she finds out that Stevie had her van towed?

And that WILL take place. On mirrors choose Chicago Med, secrets never stay secret forever. Instead, they come out at the worst possible time.

Stevie"s manipulations are going to backfire on her, not to mention that she is running herself ragged trying to take care of her mother. But at leastern it appeared to have a positive result on Vanessa.


Vanessa seemed to lastly accept Maggie trying to advise her after witnessing the complete breakdown of Stevie and Terri"s relationship. She didn"t mind Maggie looking out for her anyeven more and also agreed that she required to obtain even more sleep.

But it might be also late, as Vanessa is still popping pills to keep herself awake. That halittle bit can not be so easy to shake even if she does decide to reduced it out.

Maggie: Did you obtain any sleep?Vanessa: Didn"t we just have this conversation a week ago?Maggie: And I"m permitted to ask you if you"re taking treatment of yourself.

Plus, if she"s abutilizing her prescription privileges or stealing uppers from the hospital, that"s going to land her in huge trouble.


Will Vanessa be struggling through addiction or legal problems soon? I do not recognize, yet it absolutely seems most likely considering Med"s penchant for high drama. Besides, it would be anticlimactic if Vanessa started taking pills just to stop two weeks later through no troubles whatsoever.

Of course, any kind of questionable actions related to the pills can fly under the radar for a while given that Sharon is busy via this undercover operation.

Will is beginning to realize the truth is even more facility than he thought.

He wondered about himself as soon as Cooper"s assist conserved a patient"s life. But what no one is considering is that Cooper might be an excellent doctor that saves people"s resides AND someone who puts lining his very own pockets ahead of assessing whether the Vas-Com machine is appropriate for eincredibly patient he prescribes it to.

That may seem inconsistent, yet civilization do not constantly fit into neat little boxes of good and evil, and also Cooper may autumn somewright here in the middle.

It"s also not clear yet whether Eleanor"s death had anything to execute through the Vas-Com.

Will pulled out the initial Vas-Com bereason of her issues, but Cooper didn"t think the use of the tool was contra-suggested. Could he have actually been right?

Eleanor"s fatality was sudden, and only investigation will disclose the truth below. But I"m via Will: I want Cooper to turn out to be among the great men.

Marcel"s dilemma was compelling, however Archer wasn"t the one to slam him.

Archer"s claims that Marcel cared just about his transplant patient were more than a small hypocritical.

Archer has claimed power of attorney over patients to offer them a procedure they didn"t consent to, so wbelow does he acquire off accutilizing Marcel of digging up a loved one for the sole purpose of acquiring permission to harvest Ricky"s organs?

Was Archer projecting or what? He does not choose Marcel and is constantly looking for a reason to denigrate him. If it hadn"t been the transplant, it would certainly have actually been somepoint else.

Marcel primarily goes the additional mile for patients and also regularly butts heads through Archer or Will as soon as they endorse an extra conservative therapy regime and ignore his diagnosis, so it"s unmost likely that he was putting the patient"s requirements second to what Blake wanted.

Marcel: I"m not sure I"m comfortable via what I did today.Blake: Your patient had actually no chance of recoextremely, and also thanks to body organ docountry currently someone in Milwaukee has a opportunity of extending their life. What"s the problem?Marcel: I"m not certain whose interemainder I"m serving right here.Blake: Crockett, it"s a sad reality that a lot of organ donors don"t come from living donors. For someone to live, someone else has to die.

And the reality that he wondered about himself mirrors that he"s sensitive to medical values and patient needs, unfavor Archer, that is the best opportunist in the hospital (other than possibly for Cooper if Cooper is indeed lining his very own pockets via kickbacks from the Vas-Com machine.).

Finally, Scott"s previous experience via a patient nearly expense him a appropriate diagnosis.

This is most likely going to come up aacquire. As a former cop functioning in an emergency room, Scott will certainly run across arrestees and also suspects semi-on a regular basis.

So hopecompletely, this one incident will certainly open his eyes, and he"ll be more cautious when assessing patients via criminal histories later on.

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