Quentin's earlier in Fillory, however he doesn't look happy about it on The Magicians Seachild 2 Episode 10 "The Girl Who Told Time."

Eliot and Margo attempt to be tbelow for their frifinish in the photos listed below. Unfortunately, the High King and High Queen are managing their own difficulties also.

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Popularity has been an issue for the royals since they rose to power. Can the win over their subjects?

Penny and Kady proceed following leads while Julia taps a brand-new ally in her quest.

Scroll via the photos and also let us know who you think will be successful. Remember, you have the right to watch The Magicians virtual anytime!


Eliot"s happy to lfinish Quentin an ear or sell his friend a hug. Even if he does have actually a lot on his mind via all the difficulties in his kingdom.

Quentin and also Eliot sit dvery own at a table fit for two monarchs. But we"re guessing they"re both lacking their emperors.

Is the High Queen greeting the king via a warning to store his feet off the furniture? Or is she sharing her woes via him?

Is Eliot plotting a battle via his chess pieces? Maybe he"s taking a breather from genuine drama via a quiet game.

Nopoint ever seems to go his method. He"s a king of a magical land, but he"s still as depressed as he was before he learned magic was real.
We don"t recognize what the High Queen had to say, however Josh definitely appears to have a lot to think around.
Life in Fillory has never been simple. Especially for Eliot, who"s trapped tbelow forever before. The bad man can"t also have actually a meal without somepoint going wrong.

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Dean Fogg helps Quentin and also Julia prepare a spell. Let"s go ahead and also say it"s a safe bet somepoint will go wrong.