Theranos turned to fraud to save the blood-experimentation startup afloat, prosecutors told jurors throughout opening statements in the criminal trial of firm founder Elizabeth Holmes. Defense lawyers said her only fault was that the agency didn’t succeed.747 min read

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A lawsuit complicated the state’s limitations limiting the procedure to the initially 6 weeks of pregnancy is collection to be filed in coming days.4 min read


The largest cryptomoney by market value edged reduced a day after it briefly dropped 17% over the course of a couple of minutes.2602 min read


Many everyday oil manufacturing in the Gulf of Mexico continues to be shut off, as suppliers battle with problems hampering recoextremely initiatives.4 min read


The famous application deserve to quickly drive young users right into endmuch less spools of adult content, including videos touting drug use and fostering pornography sites, a Wall Street Journal investigation finds.5789 min read


Hospitalizations have been rising in some claims, and also public-wellness experts say unvaccinated schoolkids, cold weather and also the holiday season can offer the virus brand-new opportunities to spcheck out.5 min read


The White Housage is asking Congress to pass a law offering green cards for the tens of countless Afghans the Biden administration evacuated from Kabul and is bringing to the UNITED STATE on temporary humanitarian grounds.4 min read

While the fiscal second quarter is typically slowest for the videogame retailer’s sales, the agency reported development across its hardware, software program and collectibles categories.73 min read

In an opinion issued Tuesday, a Delconscious judge let stand one of the lawsuit’s claims while disabsent others, relocating it previous an initial hurdle.4 min read

The Samuel Adams brewer says it overestimated demand for its Truly tough seltzer brand in July.2 min read

Some lawequipments are urging President Biden to save Jerome Powell as central-bank leader while progressives push for a replacement.876 min read

Exempted employees will certainly go on unpassist leave, with those refmaking use of facing dismissal under the airline industry’s toughest plan.2 min read

Coinbase co-founder and Chief Executive Brian Armsolid accprovided the SEC of using “intimidation techniques behind closed doors” to sheight his company from launching a lending program.5 min read

Investors in the clean-energy storage startup include SoftBank, an Aramco undertaking fund and also modern technology incubator Idealab.3 min read

The event didn’t feature significant army hardware or a speech from leader Kim Jong Un and also seemed targeted towards rallying a domestic audience rather than sfinishing a message to the U.S. or South Korea.2 min read

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House lawequipments started releasing drafts of segments of the wide healthcare, education and learning and climate-adjust legislation.5 min read

The Treasury secretary urged lawmakers to suspend or raise the federal borrowing limit aget before the Treasury exhausts emergency steps.4 min read