What components are encouraging financial institutions to offer overlapping financial servicessuch as banking, investment banking, brokerage, etc.?

I. Regulatory changes enabling establishments to market more servicesII. Technological renovations reducing the price of providing financial servicesIII. Increasing competition from complete service international financial institutionsIV. Reduction in the have to manage risk at financial institutionsA. I onlyB. II and III onlyC. I, II, and III onlyD. I, II, and IV onlyE. I, II, III, and also IV

This transaction is an instance of a(n)A. main sector transactionB. asset transdevelopment by Morgan StanleyC. money sector transactionD. foreign exchange transactionE. forward transaction

Morgan Stanley is acting as a(n)A. ascollection transformerB. asset brokerC. federal government regulatorD. international business representative

A corporation seeking to market new equity securities to the public for the first time in orderto raise cash for funding investment would a lot of likelyA. conduct an IPO with the assistance of an investment bankerB. engage in a second industry sale of equityC. conduct a personal placement to a large variety of potential buyersD. place an ad in the Wall Street Journal soliciting retail suppliers of fundsE. none of the above

The largest capital sector protection superior in 2010 measured by sector value wasA. securitized mortgagesB. corporate bondsC. municipal bondsD. Treasury bondsE. corpoprice stocks

The diagram listed below is a diagram of the

A. second marketsB. primary marketsC. money marketsD. derivatives marketsE. commodities markets

_____ and __ permit a financial intermediary to market safe, liquid liabilitiessuch as deposits while investing the depositors" money in riskier, illiquid assets.A. Diversification; high equity returnsB. Price risk; collateralC. Free riders; regulationsD. Monitoring; diversificationE. Primary markets; foreign exchange markets

Depository organizations include:A. banksB. thriftsC. finance companiesD. all of the aboveE. A and also B only

Households are increasingly likely to both directly purchase securities (perhaps using abroker) and additionally location some money with a bank or thrift to accomplish different demands. Match up thegiven investor"s desire with the correct intermediary or direct defense.

I. Money most likely to be essential within 6 monthsII. Money to be set aside for college in 10 yearsIII. Money to provide supplemental retirement incomeIV. Money to be offered to administer for youngsters in the event of death

Depository institutions


Pension fund

Stocks or bondsA. 2, 3, 4, 1B. 1, 4, 2, 3C. 3, 2, 1, 4D. 1, 4, 3, 2E. 4, 2, 1, 3

As of 2010, which among the adhering to derivatives instruments had the greatest amount ofnotional principle outstanding?A. FuturesB. SwapsC. OptionsD. BondsE. Forwards

Which of the following is/are money sector instrument(s)?A. Negotiable CDsB. Typical stockC. T-bondsD. 4-year maturity corporate bondE. A, B, and also C are money sector instruments

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) does notA. decide whether a public issue is sensibly pricedB. decide whether a firm making a public problem has actually provided sufficient information for investorsto decide whether the problem is reasonably pricedC. call for exalters to monitor trading to prevent insider tradingD. attempt to mitigate too much price fluctuationsE. monitor the major securities exchanges

The most diversified kind of depository establishments areA. credit unionsB. savings associationsC. commercial banksD. finance companiesE. shared funds

Insolvency risk at a financial intermediary (FI) is the riskA. that promised cash flows from loans and also securities held by FIs may not be paid in fullB. incurred by an FI once the maturities of its assets and liabilities perform not matchC. that a sudden surge in liability withdrawals may require an FI to liquidate assets conveniently atfire sale pricesD. incurred by an FI as soon as its investments in technology carry out not result in expense savings orrevenue growthE. risk that an FI might not have enough funding to offset a sudden decrease in the worth of itsassets

Depository organizations (DIs) play a critical duty in the transmission of financial policyfrom the Federal Reserve to the rest of the economic situation becauseA. loans to corporations are component of the money supplyB. financial institution and thrift loans are tightly regulatedC. U. DIs contend through foreign financial institutionsD. DI deposits are a major percent of the money supplyE. thrifts carry out a big amount of crmodify to finance residential actual estate

Liquidity hazard at a financial intermediary (FI) is the riskA. that promised cash flows from loans and also securities held by FIs might not be paid in fullB. incurred by an FI when the maturities of its assets and also liabilities execute not matchC. that a sudden surge in licapability withdrawals may need an FI to liquiday assets conveniently atfire sale pricesD.

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incurred by an FI as soon as its investments in technology execute not result in price savings orrevenue growthE. risk that an FI may not have actually enough capital to balance out a sudden decrease in the value of itsassets