Because Bretonnia is around to acquire a rework-related, this certainly implies the Green Knight mechanic will also. Currently his mechanic is very underwhelming. I'm hoping we have the right to permanently keep him once we reach max chivalry. Maybe make him a rite once max chivalry is got to.

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Thoughts? Other ideas ?


I still want him to be tied to the balance bar. If you're fighting a defensive fight wright here the opponent has overwhelming superiority (but you still have actually a minimum number of devices, to save abusage to a minimum), then there's a opportunity that you get him as a fight summon who doesn't degrade (because summon degradation is a stupid mechanic and also should have actually never been put in the campaign, to be blunt).

Summon deterioration is a good mechanic as soon as I'm playing Vampire Counts and summon 10+ units per fight. When other people are dropping 20+ mana into a single unit when, not so a lot.

My suspicion is that Chivalry will be turned into more of a second reresource, comparable to Food, Slaves, or Influence. They'll administer more options for you to spfinish it on (favor forcing confederations, for example) and also the Eco-friendly Knight summons will certainly end up being something you buy through Chivalry points. Perhaps, like unlocking new Tomb King army slots, the amount he costs will go up each time. So you won't have a limit on how frequently you have the right to gain him, however it will certainly gain even more difficult over time.

Perhaps him being a summon as capability for each army that has actually The Lady's Blessing can be an idea?

Only when Chivalry has got to a particular threshost though.

When the Chivalry meter is filled for 25%, he is a summon for 10 transforms and also have the right to just be summoned by your faction leader's army (and he's a little bit less powerful).

When the Chivalry meter is filled for 50%, he is a summon for 15 transforms and also deserve to be summoned by your faction leader, any various other LL you might've confederated via and also he is a little bit even more powerful than before.

EDIT: Perhaps he can degrade a little sreduced than usual at this level.

When the Chivalry meter is filled for 75%, he is a summon for 20 transforms and also can be summoned by eincredibly single army (as lengthy as it has actually The Lady's Blessing, of course. This is valid for all options). He additionally dequalities at half the speed.

When the Chivalry meter is at 100%, he deserve to be summoned forever before, by eincredibly single army that has The Lady's Blessing and he doesn't degrade.

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This list is somepoint I literally believed up in the last 5 minutes or so while creating this. Give criticism as you see fit.