57. Who is most most likely to be criticized for extending the meaning of intelligence to an overly broad variety of talents??a. Howard Gardnerb. Lewis Termanc. Charles Spearmand. L.L. Thurstone
58. The last exam in a calculus course would be an example of a(n) ________ test.a. aptitudeb. achievementc. standardizedd. basic intelligence
59. Cindra achieved an intelligence test score of 100 on a present version of the Stanford-Binet test. This indicates that relative to various other adults her age her intellectual abilitiesa. are over average.b. are average.c. are below average.d. cannot be measured.

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60. Research on the components of knowledge suggests that:a. interest in the heritcapability of knowledge has declined significantly in the time of the previous decade.b. both genes and environment have actually some influence on intelligence scores.c. there are no clinical techniques for assessing the heritcapability of knowledge.d. tright here is no relationship between people"s position on the components of intelligence and their social or political perspectives.
61. The capacity to learn from suffer, deal with problems, and use expertise to adapt to brand-new situations is well-known asa. savant syndrome.b. triarchic reasoning.c. intelligence.d. element evaluation.
62. The French federal government commissioned Alfred Binet to develop an knowledge test that woulda. demonstrate the innate intellectual superiority of western European races. b. efficiently identify between reading and also language disabilities.c. provide an objective meacertain of teaching effectiveness in the public college mechanism.d. mitigate the need to rely on teachers" biased judgments of students" discovering potential.
63. Those who score above average on tests of mathematical aptitude are additionally likely to score above average on tests of verbal aptitude. According to Spearman, this ideal illustprices the importance of:a. existential intelligence.b. multiple knowledge.c. the g element.d. element evaluation.

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One factor why institution psychologists usage knowledge tests to aid the identify whether a student is eligible for distinct education and learning solutions is bereason such tests have proof of: (15)
an assessment facility exercise that calls for project applicants to process memos, letters, and directives discovered in a typical manager"s in-basket
Robert Sternberg"s analytical knowledge highlights exactly how experiences form intelligence as well as how knowledge is shaped by experience.
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