Definition noun (histology) A layer of extracellular matrix uncovered on the basal surconfront of epithelial cells, and which is secreted by the epithelial cells. (embryology) The ventral plate of the embryonic neural tube that gives rise to somatic and visceral motor neurons. Supplement In histology, basal lamina is created of electron-thick layer referred to as lamina densa (written of kind IV collagen) and electron-lucid layers referred to as lamina lucida (comprised of laminin, integrins, entactins, and dystroglycans) together make up the basal lamina. The term “basal lamina” is normally provided through electron microscopy, while the term “basement membrane” is usually supplied through light microscopy. That is because basal lamina is easily visible as distinctive framework through the electron microscopic lense, and not with a light microscope. In strict feeling, basal lamina is various from basement membrane based on their components. The basal lamina is created of lamina densa and also lamina lucida whereas the basement membrane is composed of lamina densa and lamina reticularis; thus, the basement membrane consists of only a section of basal lamina, and including a layer not found in basal lamina. Derived terms:

basal lamina of choroid basal lamina of ciliary body basal lamina of cochlear basal lamina of neural tube basal lamina of saemicircular duct junctional basal lamina

Synonym: ventral plate of neural tube (embryology).

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Compare: basement membrane.


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