Seachild 10, Episode 1 The Lady in Black - Marshalltown, Iowa

Steve and Amy investigate unexplained activity tormenting a husband-and-wife team of paranormal investigators. During her unsettling late-night walk, Amy encounters the spirit of a malicious dead womale collection on taking the life of the innocent.

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Seachild 10, Episode 2 Deadly Intentions - New Franken, Wisconsin

Steve and Amy investigate violent activity in New Franken, Wisconsin, that"s ruining a woman"s wishes of opening her dream company. While Steve learns of two tragedies in the location, Amy encounters an army of shadow human being hellbent on death, doom and also devastation.

Season 10, Episode 3 The Bethlehem Haunting - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Steve and also Amy investigate violent paranormal task terrorizing a vulnerable mom and her young son. During her late night walk, Amy encounters several entities, including a dead male who is hell-bent on possessing and also tormenting the living.

Season 10, Episode 4 Tangled - Berlin Heights, Ohio

Steve and Amy investigate vicious supernatural activity tormenting a mom and her two daughters. During her late night walk, Amy encounters a menacing dead womale who physically assaults the living and an insidious vine-like entity.

Seachild 10, Episode 5 Taken - Mahwah, New Jersey

Steve and also Amy investigate claims that a family members of six is being damaged by paranormal task. Throughout her walk, Amy encounters a woguy hellbent on attacking everyone in the home and a team of demonic entities qualified of possessing the living.

Seakid 10, Episode 6 A Thousand Pieces - Bogalusa, Louisiana

Steve and Amy investigate a Louisiana woman"s clintends that a vicious superorganic entity eliminated her father and also is wreaking havoc on her family members. Throughout her walk, Amy encounters a vindictive dead guy and a powerful entity that consumes characters.

Seachild 10, Episode 7 Dead Rising - Jones, Alabama

Steve and also Amy travel to Alabama to assist a family members being torn apart by menacing entities hellbent on ruining their residence and also organization. Throughout her walk, Amy encounters a vicious team of dead guys and an effective shadow guy that torments the living.

Season 10, Episode 8 "Til Death - Wyeven more, Nebraska

Steve and also Amy travel to Nebraska to assist a woguy who believes paranormal task has taken manage of her husband also. Throughout her walk, Amy encounters a mischievous trickster whose pranks are ending up being more and also even more vicious.

Seaboy 10, Episode 9 The Cult

Steve and Amy travel to Chatsworth, California, to help a terrified womale that believes her house is trying to kill her. Steve discovers the home has a connection through two cults, including among the many famed cult leaders in Amerihave the right to history. During her walk, Amy discovers that the owner is unknowingly attracting the dead and also demons in the house will certainly stop at nopoint to torment the living.

Seakid 10, Episode 10 Killing Fields - Springarea, Ohio

Steve and also Amy aid an Ohio guy who believes something on his residential or commercial property is attacking his mom. Amy discovers the land is suffering under a curse that hinders the lives of the living and encounters a bitter dead male utilizing the curse to his advantage.

Season 10, Episode 11 Collision Course - Oregon, Ohio

Steve and Amy travel to Ohio to aid a terrified couple conserve their business, son and marital relationship from violent paranormal activity. During her unsettling walk, Amy discovers two groups of warring dead people that torment each other and also the living.

Season 10, Episode 12 Damaged - Winchester, Kentucky

Steve and Amy travel to Winchester, Kentucky, to investigate a woman"s clintends that somepoint in her home is attacking her children and also changing her husband"s personality. Throughout her walk, Amy discovers a dead cowboy who deserve to cause the living to die of sudden heart strikes, aneurysms or other deadly illnesses.

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Season 10, Episode 13 Cursed - Pinellas Park, Florida

Steve and also Amy take a trip to Pinellas Park, FL, to investigate a mom"s claims that ever before considering that her boy moved in, paranormal task has obtained violent and out of manage. Throughout his examination, Steve learns around two deaths linked with the house, and also Amy fears a living perkid that dabbled in witchcraft lured dark entities to the residence to curse the family.




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