Noble"s daughter Mary Albert, in the middle of the college opening ceremony, remembers that this world was an otome game she played in her previous life, and also she turns out to be a character from that game. The Mary inside the game was a villain, harassing and also interfering through the heroine, and also was met via devastation at the end: the so dubbed "villainous girl"s downloss course." And so the evident reactivity is - "This isn"t a joke!?" and also very closely prevents the damage end - or not! Instead she trudges headlong towards the devastation end!

Because Prince Cecil is extraordinarily intelligent, life is boring for him. His days are without a lot excitement, however he becomes engaged to Bertia, the daughter of a marquis. The initially point she states to him as soon as they initially meet is rather baffling. She claims she is the "villainous heroine" in the story of his life!! According to Bertia, she has memories of her previous life. In a particular "romance game" she played in her life before, she played the character of the "villainess." Her purpose in her new life is to become an exemplary villainess and damage the prince"s engagement. In order to attain this goal, Bertia does one outrageous point after one more and brings chaos and confusion right into his life. A distinctive "love" story with a twist!!

TagsComedyFantasyShoujoIsekaiNobilityOtome GameHuman being in a Starray WorldReincarnationRoyaltyVillainessTensei Shite Yandere Kouryaku Taishou Chara to Shujuukankei ni Natta KekkaVol: 2; Ch: 14B"s-Log Comic2019 - 2020

I was reborn as a Viscount"s daughter, Cecil, in a really unexpected otome game where every one of the love interests are Yanderes. However before, Cecil, being the rival character in the game, was killed in eextremely path by the preferred love interemainder. In addition, wishing to have a long life, Cecil meets Ashley who will be her servant and also.... he"s among the Yandere love interests...!?

TagsComedyFantasyJoseiRomanceMagicNobilityOtome GamePerson in a Stvariety WorldReincarnationMy Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! (Light Novel)Vol: 10+Ichijinsha Bunko Iris2015 - ?

After hitting her head specifically hard sooner or later, Battle Each Other Claes" daughter, Katarina, suddenly recalls all the memories of her previous life: that of a teenage Japanese girl. Just before her untimely fatality, this girl recalls playing an otome game... that is exactly favor the people she"s living in now! She is now Katarina Claes, the antagonist of the otome game, that nastily hounded the protagonist until the finish. Knowing all the possible outcomes of the game, she realizes that eexceptionally single possible route ends with Katarina being murdered or exiled! In order to stop these Catastrophic Bad Ends, she hregarding usage her understanding of the game and also her own wiles, starting through breaking off this engagement via the prince... Will Katarina make it through while making her method with this human being, wbelow negative flags pilgrimage at every turn?

TagsComedyFantasyLight NovelsReverse HaremRomanceSlice of LifeIsekaiMagicMagic SchoolNobilityOtome GamePerson in a Stvariety WorldReincarnationVillainessAdapted to AnimeAkuyaku Reijou ni Narimashita.Vol: 1; Ch: 7AlphaPolis2019 - 2020

Hinase Kaede lost her life on her 15th birthday. However, her heart was thrvery own into Erika, the villainess of an otome game! To prevent the poor ending, she decides to not acquire cshed to the primary characters of the game in order to prevent the bad finish.

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TagsComedyFantasyRomanceShoujoIsekaiNobilityOtome GamePerson in a Stvariety WorldReincarnationVillainessRekishi ni Nokoru Akujo ni Naru zo: Akuyaku Reijou ni naru hocarry out Ouji no Dekiai wa Kasoku suru you desu!Vol: 1+; Ch: 9+B"s-Log Comic2020 - ?

After waking up as the villainess she admires so a lot from her favourite otome game, Alicia trains hard eexceptionally day to come to be the greatest villainess of all time.

TagsComedyFantasyJoseiIsekaiNobilityOtome GameHuman being in a Stvariety WorldReincarnationVillainessOsake no Tame ni Otome Game Setting wo Buchikowashita Kekka, Akuyaku Reijou ga Cwarm Reijou ni NarimashitaVol: 2+; Ch: 14+Flos Comic2020 - ?

Charlotte, that reincarnated as a villain girl in an otome game, began to stop the fatality flag. The goal is to spcheck out the sake that I loved in this world! However, the juice and also holy water that I created trial were all nonstandard...

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TagsComedyFantasyRomanceShoujoSlice of LifeIsekaiNobilityOtome GamePerson in a Stvariety WorldReincarnationVillainessOtome Video Game no Burikko Akuyaku Onna wa Mahou Otaku ni NattaVol: 1+; Ch: 8+AlphaPolis2020 - ?

The high school girl Manami that fall down the emergency stairs at college had, prior to she noticed, end up being a three-year-old in the world of an Otome Game. What’s even more, that little girl was one of the rival personalities that appeared in the game; the can’t-take-a-hint-burikko-type-rival daughter of a marquis family. What awaited her at the end was social obliteration. Though she had a negative feeling around this… Manami decided not to worry! It was a dream after all, so that had nothing to carry out through her. For now, she’s going to master magic!

TagsActionComedyFantasyRomanceShoujoIsekaiNobilityOtome GamePerson in a Starray WorldReincarnationVillainessSee all recommendations

Wealthy heiress Catarina Claes is hit in the head through a rock and recovers the memories of her previous life. It turns out the world she resides in is the world of the game Fortune Lover, an otome game she was obsessed via in her past life... however she"s been cast as the villain character who tries to foil the protagonist"s romances! The ideal ending the game has actually for Catarina is exile, and the worst, death! She"ll need to uncover a means to avoid triggering the flags of doom, and make her very own happy future! The misunderstanding-based screwsphere love comedy now begins!

TagsComedyFantasyJoseiReverse HaremRomanceIsekaiMagicNobilityHuman in a Stvariety WorldReincarnationVillainessMy Next off Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! OVAOVA 2021

Unaired episode bundled via the 7th volume of the My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!manga.

TagsComedyFantasyJoseiRomanceSlice of LifeIsekaiMagicNobilityReincarnationVillainessMy Next off Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! MovieMovie

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TagsComedyFantasyJoseiReverse HaremRomanceIsekaiMagicPerson in a Stselection WorldReincarnationVillainessMy Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! XTV (12 eps)SILVER LINK.2021

After being reborn as the villainess of an otome game, Katarina has actually done every little thing in her power to avoid the Bad Ends awaiting her at the end of the college year. Now, she has actually successfully finiburned the events of the game without being exiled or killed! Not only that, however she has actually made a cshed group of friends in the process. Now that the greatest crisis has actually passed, Katarina is excited to attfinish her initially institution festival in this civilization, and also to sample all the delicious foodstuffs there... Just as she feels favor she can ultimately relax, she is kidnapped! Is this the setup of a new romance occasion, and possibly one more Catastrophic Bad End?! Find out if Katarina have the right to survive in the next installment of this disaster-avoidance rom-com!

TagsComedyFantasyJoseiReverse HaremRomanceIsekaiMagicHuman being in a Stvariety WorldReincarnationVillainessDidn"t I Say to Make My Abilities Mean in the Next off Life?!TV (12 eps)Project No.92019

Kurihara Misato was a tiny more qualified than various other high college girls, and also as a result, she was constantly alone and couldn"t live her life the way she wanted. When she was reincarnated in another people after a tragic accident, she wanted a opportunity to make normal friends and live a normal life. So she asked God for one point... "Give me abilities that are average for that world!" But the abilities God provided her were not "average" at all... And now this girl, who"s been reborn in a human being where magic is real, battles to find straightforward, simple happiness!

TagsAdventureComedyFantasyShounenIsekaiMagicNobilityOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Stselection WorldReincarnationFushigi Yugi OVA: EikodenOVA (4 eps)Pierrot2001 - 2002

Married and with a son on the way, Miaka and Taka couldn"t be much better. That is, till an obsessive young girl enters the universe of the 4 gods, through her heart collection on utilizing Suzaku"s power to not only steal Taka, however Miaka"s baby as well! Taka must currently go back to the world of his previous to not just conserve his household, however the remainder of the kingdom as well!

TagsFantasyRomanceShoujoIsekaiHuman in a Stselection WorldPregnancyReincarnationSummoned Into Another WorldFushigi Yugi OVA: Dai Ni BuOVA (6 eps)Pierrot1997 - 1998

Tamahome is gone -- however not forgained. He has been reincarnated as a man called Taka in Miaka"s homepeople, and also as fate would have actually it, they have actually met each other yet aobtain. The memories of Tamahome"s previous and also love for Miaka reprimary intact, but are trapped within memory globes in the Universe of the Four Gods. It"s as much as Miaka, Taka, and also the remainder of the old gang to uncover Taka"s memories and also help their homeland also once more!