1 : an immovable or even more or less movable articulation of miscellaneous bones in the median airplane of the body

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2 : an articulation in which the bony surdeals with are linked by pads of fibrous cartilage without a synovial membrane
Recent Instances on the Net This injury expected that Listenbee was experiencing major inflammation in the pubic symphysis (which describes the cartilage uniting the two pubic bones) and also neighboring muscles. — Michael Mccann, SI.com, 1 Feb. 2018

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History and Etymology for symphysis

New Latin, from Greek, state of growing together, from symphyesthai to thrive together, from syn- + phyein to make prosper, carry forth — even more at be

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The initially recognized usage of symphysis was circa 1578

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sym·​phy·​sis | ˈsim(p)-fə-səs
plural symphyses -​ˌsēz
1 : an immovable or more or much less movable articulation of various bones in the median airplane of the body — watch pubic symphysis

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2 : an articulation (as in between the bodies of vertebrae) in which the bony surfaces are linked by pads of fibrous cartilage without a synovial membrane

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