Some of the world's leading inventors and also researchers share demos, breakthroughs and visions onstage at the TED conference, TEDx occasions and companion occasions approximately the people. You deserve to also downpack these and also many various other videos totally free on, through an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languperiods. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spanalysis.

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27 OKT. 2021 video How platcreate co-ops democratize work-related | Trebor Scholz

How platdevelop co-ops democratize work | Trebor Scholz

Co-ops day ago virtually 200 years, run by groups of human being that occupational together to very own and also operate a firm. What does it look like once this tried-and-true company model merges via the digital economy? Trebor Scholz introduces the "platdevelop cooperative," a new method to create autonomous carriers of empowered workers -- and also build a better, fairer alternative to the gig economic climate.

5 OKT. 2021 video How NFTs are structure the internet of the future | Kayvon Tehranian

How NFTs are structure the internet of the future | Kayvon Tehranian

In this revelatory talk, technologist Kayvon Tehranian explores why NFTs -- digital assets that represent a certificate of ownership on the internet -- are a technical breakthrough. Find Out how NFTs are putting power and financial regulate back right into the hands of digital creators -- and also pushing forward the internet's following development.

24 SEP. 2021 video Could you recuperate from illness ... utilizing your very own stem cells? | Nabiha Saklayen

Could you recoup from illness ... utilizing your own stem cells? | Nabiha Saklayen

What if conditions can be treated via a patient's own cells, exactly and also on demand? Biotechnology entrepreneur Nabiha Saklayen defines just how we might harness breakthroughs in biology, machine finding out and also lasers to develop personalized stem cell financial institutions -- and also develop medicine uniquely designed for each of our bodies.

3 SEP. 2021 video A new way to gain back Earth"s biodiversity -- from the air | Susan Graham

A new way to regain Earth"s biodiversity -- from the air | Susan Graham

Land restoration is about even more than planting trees, states environmentalist Susan Graham. Check out exactly how her team combines drone innovation with ecology-trained AI to regain degraded land also and revive complex, biodiverse ecosystems -- whether it's on a tiny island also or throughout a whole continent.

10 AUG. 2021 video An interenergetic map to track (and end) air pollution in China | Ma Jun

An interenergetic map to track (and also end) contamination in China | Ma Jun

China has actually pledged to be carbon neutral by 2060 -- and also its citizens are helping sectors throughout the country reach that goal. Environmentalist Ma Jun introduces the Blue Map, an app that empowers people to report air pollution violations in their areas and also track real-time eco-friendly information, holding emitters accountable and helping carriers along the global supply chain make increated sourcing decisions. Hear just how the application offers the power of transparency to motivate even more than 14,000 factories (so far) to clean up.

29 JUN. 2021 video Why we"re more hoswarm through equipments than people | Anne Scherer

Why we"re even more hocolony through machines than world | Anne Scherer

For a actual conversation, take into consideration talking to a robot; the less humanized, the much better. Consumer researcher Anne Scherer shares her findings on why some makers get us to open up better than actual civilization, revealing fascinating insights about human nature that might result in more honest interactions in our day-to-day lives.

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