If you kbrand-new the actual story, you would understand also. And what I would choose to execute is tell that story," Lauren Conrad said at the begin of The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now special MTV aired in honor of the iconic series' 10th anniversary on Tuesday night. And tell that story our heroine did, revealing never-before-viewed footage and tricks behind the display.

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Here were the 21 tidbits Lauren revealed that delighted and also shocked us during the one-hour distinct, that was WAY also short for our Hills-loving hearts...

The Hills Stars Reveal Their First Impressions of Each Other—Including Who Was an "A--hole"

1. While Lauren was mainly cool through going together with what the producers wanted, she did admit to director Jonathan Sands, "There was a couple of times wbelow they did some editing and enhancing where I was favor, come on guys!"

2. Though it was when reported that a producer locked Lauren in a bathroom, via former talent producer Sophia Rossi saying, "If I locked her a in basement I am the worst humale ever before," Lauren eased her friend/producer's fears. "You carried me wine in a Dixie cup!"

3. Lauren revealed she met previous BFF-turned-frfoe Heidi Montag in textiles class in college. "It was turbulent, I didn't make a lot of friends," Lauren admitted of her time at Academy of Art College in San Francisco. "Heidi walked up…and also said ‘Want to be friends'? She was the friendliest perkid I'd ever before met."

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4. Her initially impressions of Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port? "Audrina was our incredibly pretty neighbor. I think she was the first frifinish I made in LA," Lauren said, while she met Whitney in the time of her internship intersee at Teen Vogue, saying she was "stunning and also well put-together, and I was like, I'd 5 the job to her. She wins!"

5. Bmuch less her heart, Lauren really was worried she wouldn't get the internship at Teen Vogue, not realizing it was all put up for her. "She really believed she operated at Teen Vogue," Rossi sassist through a laugh, while Lauren included, "I really did! I never assumed anypoint was mine, specifically in that instance."

6. While Lauren hinted that some of her co-stars loved being on-electronic camera, she was never also fond of it. "I never loved being on video camera. A lot of people desire to be on camera," she defined. "The display isn't something I choose to relive. I don't go back and also watch the display. For me, it doesn't always bring ago the best of memories."

7. Some civilization would certainly dreview reasoning of their parents watch their love life play out on a reality TV present, Lauren and also her paleas, Jim and Kathy, were totally cool with it. Kathy sassist, "It was cool. She tackled herself beautitotally, what's not to like? There were very few things that taken place on the show that we didn't understand about!

Jim added, "We had actually to recognize it all. We have a pretty open connection with Lauren anymeans, we're not judgpsychological. We didn't want her to be afraid to tell us anything, really."

8. "We are the just world in America that have actually jellyfish," Heidi bragged at her and Spencer Pratt' apartment-warming party. 

9. In attendance at said party? Kim Kardashian! In a deleted scene, she's watched talking to previous step-brvarious other Brody Jenner, and also Heidi, about heading to an awards display quickly. The glam life!

10. When Lauren felt uncomfortable filming, she let the crew know it, and also it seen in one scene slamming the door and telling the cameramale, "Don't bring the camages into my room, I'm transforming," after a heated debate via Heidi. 

11. Still, Lauren observed herself almost as a producer. "I took it exceptionally seriously," she said of her function on the show, going on to say she felt an "responsibility to share everything she was going through and also that was hard bereason I think that if you want to give someone the fact, you have to give them the entirety reality."

12. The factor for her falling out with Audrina as soon as they were living in a residence together? "I realized she had actually mounted a lock," Lauren revealed. "That's what started our significant fight. And then we just weren't getting alengthy as soon as we were living together."

13. Lauren admitted she felt "set up" by the show during the massive showdown with Heidi and Spencer after he spread a rumor that she had a sex tape. "MTV must treatment what Spencer did to me!" Lauren yells in a never-before-seen scene from the infamous confrontation. "It's not okay that they let him up here! It's not f—king funny when you men carry out that."

14. The actual factor the crew loved Les Deux, their go-to nightclub? "There were so many kind of rooms! We could disshow up really conveniently," Lauren revealed.

15. Lauren's husband also William Tell has "never checked out the show," Lauren revealed. Well, except for one scene. "We were at a hotel when and also he was flipping channels and also he was prefer, 'Oh, it's you!' Of all scenes for him to pick, it was prefer, us in a club, and I flip roughly, and also I'm choose, 'I'm at the Roosevelt pool eexceptionally Saturday!' William was like, 'Nope!' and also readjusted the channel. 'I don't want to understand that you!'"

16. As for her connection via Brody, Lauren finally collection the record straight: "I certainly had actually a crush on Brody. But the funny thing was we had zero chemistry. He was my friend, I took pleasure in spending time through him, but it just felt required." Still, the display played it up, making it even more than it was, which Lauren went along with bereason she felt the push to find a boyfriend that would certainly appear in scenes.

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17. A hilarious scene verified Lauren saying exactly how awkward she felt after a kissing scene through Brody, saying, "Can we please be done?! This is the most awkward point ever!"

18. And Lauren admitted she knew as soon as males were set up for her by the present. "I'm pretty certain you guys were picking men out and sending them over bereason they would come over and I kbrand-new they had actually already signed a release bereason they were mic'd!" Including the motorcycle dude in Paris, who she refused to kiss. "So I ran!" she shelp of the scene, which the unique proved a extension of. "She ran favor a thief!" the unkissed Frenchmale exclintends in it. 

19. Of being in front of the camperiods for the anniversary special, William admitted, "I hated it!" Rossi sassist she doesn't think he would've ever before lasted filming. "Our timing was great," William, a USC regulation student, agreed.

20. Lauren likewise opened up up around her seachild 5 leave from the series, saying it took her "a really long time" to make the decision. "It wasn't like at some point I woke up and also was choose, ‘I'm out!' I took a really long time to decide once I was going to leave the display," she explained. "It was tough on my relationships, it was tough on me, so that was when I knew it was time to go, once my heart wasn't in it and also I wasn't living the type of life that made me happy." Still, "Knowing what I understand currently, looking ago, I would certainly absolutely execute it aget."

21. Finally, the biggest leschild Lauren learned from her time in front of truth TV camperiods was "I was a small harsh with people sometimes, bereason I favor to be told the truth and it was something that I took away, was not everyone wants to hear it!"

What did you think of The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now special? Any tricks really shock you? Sound off in the comments!