Hey guys, just want to clear some points before I gain into my point. I have been a LoL player for over 3 years, I have actually never played Dota nor I have actually anything against the game. Not a hardcore fan (LoL vs. Dota is complete BS for me).

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I have actually watched the video multiple times and also I never construed what specifically taken place. I know exactly how the game functions to a specific extfinish, what's so genius around that play this guy made? Thanks in advance! :)

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Going roshan (the more powerful creep of the game, killing him gives you exp, gold and a resurection item) prior to the first minute is a thing that has actually happend many times in the history of dota, an executing this bad probabbly will certainly reason someone on your team to die, thats normal

But the thing that no one has ever done in the background of dota, is dying on porpuse , so the foe thinks that or you fuked up or roshan is low on hp, just to bait your adversary team and kill them

Hi ViPls, This video... Oh male, this video is a relic to the Dota Community.

This certain game, the First Roshan Bait, has actually many definition. The complete domination that NoTideHunter had actually, foreshadows the tournament dynasty that NoTideHunter (who acquired sponsored by Alliance) held for the rest of that year. This game additionally represents the glory of Dota2, anypoint have the right to work.

Background:This was throughout the Pre TI3 era. People who played then are not as excellent as the world who play now. People can argue through me, yet this was a period where the game was still developing; I think Dota2 was actually still in beta at the moment. With that shelp, tbelow were some unexplored facets of the game then. Tbelow were obviously theories of whether some points might work or not, but regularly times groups were also afraid to experiment against the meta, especially expert teams with money on the line.

NoTideHunter (later well-known as Alliance), was taken into consideration an amateur team ago then, despite having actually 2 Dota2 veterans, Loda and also S4.EternalEnvy ago then was just a college drop-out. I shit you not, he literally left college to acquire into skilled Dota, here's the thread:http://www.liquiddota.com/forum/dota-2-general/454226-going-on-leave-from-university-to-play-dota-2AdmiralBulldog's just experienced gaming endure before NoTideHunter was as a sub for NaVi, not a replacement.

I don't recognize as well much information around Akke, but he was ideal friends with LodA. I think that at the moment, Akke didn't prioritize Dota that much, or at leastern he was on the fence between Dota and also Super Smash Bro's Melee.

EG, as I assume you know, is a North American team that included the majority of veterans who played in TI2, like old guy Fear and Maelk. Of course, North American teams weren't as dominant as they are now, but they still had tournament endure and also they did make it to the Grand Finals of Dream Hack.

When the Grand Finals arrived, human being still weren't certain what to make of NoTideHunter. Were they sindicate an amateur team that obtained lucky with their untraditional picks? Or were they champions?

Well... NoTidehunter shed game one and they lost it pretty badly, with a score of 10-29 towards the finish. People were thinking that NoTidehunter was simply a lucky amateur team.

however they were wrong

Game 2: The Roshan BaitIf NoTidehunter lost this game, they would certainly have actually lost the championship (finest 2/3). People would regard their success at this tournament as a fluke, a lucky streak. So what type of crazy ass team would try out a play that literally has actually never before been done before in expert Dota, at the Grand Finals series, as soon as they're already down by 1This amateur team, NoTidehunter.

The play wasn't simply a random strategy that rdeveloped roughly hero picks. It was around abmaking use of a player's psychology. People weren't reasoning that deeply right into the game ago then. They concentrated on the mechanical abilities and basic hero knowledge. Killing Roshan at level one was a well-known strategy at the time, and it was very high danger vs reward.

NoTidehunter kbrand-new that every single dota team kbrand-new about the level one roshan strategy. So they provided that widespread understanding against EG.

AdmiralBulldog suicided to Roshan, as the rest of NoTidehunter hid invisible behind some trees. Due to the fact that EG was filled with Dota2 veterans, there was no doubt that they would certainly automatically examine the Rosh Pit expecting to uncover a despeprice fifty percent dead team. And it was their very own skilled suffer that betrayed them.

As EG checked the pit, they were ambuburned by NoTidehunter, and also they provided up initially blood and also 2 deaths. For the remainder of the game and the rest of the series, the momentum never left NoTidehunter's side. When they won, they weren't just champions, they were innovators.

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EpilogueThis game readjusted the way Dota was played. People were even more courageous and also opened up to trying new things outside the meta. The games from TI3 reflect that. Heck, this was the year where Na Vi pulled out the fountain hook strategy. This game showed that the meta isn't determined by the game's developers. It's discovered by the players.