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RULFO, Juan Tell Them Not to Kill Me! …. “Tell them not to kill me, Justino! Go on and tell them that. For God’s sake! Tell them. Tell them please for God’s sake.” “I can’t. There’s a sergeant tright here who doesn’t desire to hear anything about you.” “Make him listen to you. Use your wits and also tell him that scaring me has been enough. Tell him please for God’s sake.” “But it’s not just to streatment you. It seems they really mean to kill you. And I don’t desire to go earlier there.” “Go on as soon as more. Just once, to view what you have the right to execute.” “No. I don’t feel prefer going. Because if I carry out they’ll know I’m your kid. If I keep bothering them they’ll finish up discovering who I am and also will decide to shoot me as well. Better leave things the method they are now.” “Go on, Justino. Tell them to take a tiny pity on me. Just tell them that.” Justino clenched his teeth and shook his head saying no. And he retained on shaking his head for some time. “Tell the sergeant to let you check out the colonel. And tell him how old I am-- How little I’m worth. What will certainly he gain out of killing me? Nothing. After all he need to have actually a soul. Tell him to carry out it for the blessed salvation of his soul.” Justino obtained up from the pile of stones which he was sitting on and walked to the gate of the corral. Then he turned around to say, “All ideal, I’ll go. But if they decide to shoot me too, who’ll take care of my wife and also kids?” “Providence1 will certainly take treatment of them, Justino. You go there now and also view what you deserve to do for me. That’s what matters.” They’d carried him in at dawn. The morning walso along now and also he was still tbelow, tied to a post, waiting. He couldn’t save still. He’d tried to sleep for a while to calm dvery own, however he couldn’t. He wasn’t hungry either. All he wanted was to live. Now that he knew they were really going to kill him, all he might feel was his excellent desire to continue to be alive, prefer a freshly resuscitated guy. Who would’ve thought that old business that happened so lengthy ago and that was buried the way he assumed it was would certainly revolve up? That company when he had to kill Don Lupe. Not for nothing either, as the Alimas tried to make out, but bereason he had actually his factors. He remembered: Don Lupe Terreros, the owner of the Puerta de Piedra-- and besides that, his compadre-- was the one he, Juvencio Nava, had to kill, because he’d refoffered to let him pasture his animals, when he was the owner of the Puerta de Piedra and also his compadre too. At initially he didn’t perform anypoint bereason he felt jeopardized. But later, when the drought came, when he witnessed just how his pets were dying off one by one, plagued by hunger, and also how his compadre Lupe ongoing to refusage to let him usage his pastures, then was once he began breaking with the fence and driving his herd of skinny animals to the pasture wbelow they might acquire their fill of grass. And Don Lupe didn’t choose it and also ordered the fence mfinished, so that he, Juvencio Nava, had to cut open the hole aobtain. So, throughout the day the hole was stopped up and also at night it was opened aacquire, while the stock stayed tbelow best beside the fence, always waiting-- his stock that before had lived just smelling the grass without being able to taste it. And he and Don Lupe argued again and aacquire without coming to any kind of agreement. Until at some point Don Lupe shelp to him, “Look below, Juvencio, if you let another pet in my pasture, I’ll kill it.”And he answered him, “Look right here, Don Lupe, it’s not my fault that the animals look out for themselves. They’re innocent. You’ll need to pay for it, if you kill them.” And he eliminated among my yearlings. This occurred thirty-5 years earlier in March, because in April I was already up in the hills, running away from the summons. The ten cows I provided the judge didn’t perform me any good, or the lien on my home either, to pay for obtaining me out of jail. Still later on they provided up what was left to pay so they wouldn’t keep after me, yet they retained after me just the exact same. That’s why I involved live via my kid on this other item of land of mine which is called Palo de Venacarry out. And my kid grew up and also got married to my daughter-in-law Ignacia and also has actually had actually eight youngsters currently. So it taken place a lengthy time back and also must be forgained by now. But I guess it’s not. ….. Translated from Spanish by George D. SchadePedro Páramo ….. What"s taking you so lengthy in the privy, son?" "Nothing, mama." "If you continue to be in there much longer, a snake will come and also bite you" "Yes, mama." I was reasoning of you, Susana of the green hills. Of as soon as we supplied to fly kites in the windy seaboy. We could hear the sounds of life from the town below; we were high over on the hill, playing out string to the wind. "Assistance me, Susana." And soft hands would certainly tighten on mine. "Let out even more string." The wind made us laugh; our eyes followed the string running through our fingers after the wind until through a faint pop! it broke, as if it had actually been snapped by the wings of a bird. And high overhead, the paper bird would tumble and also somersault, trailing its rag tail, till it disappeared into the green earth. Your lips were moist, as if kissed by the dew. "I told you, child, come out of the privy now." "Yes, mama. I"m coming." I was reasoning of you. Of the times you were tbelow looking at me via your aquamarine eyes. He looked up and observed his mommy in the doorway. "What"s taking you so long? What are you doing in there?" "I"m reasoning." "Can"t you do it somewright here else? It"s not excellent for you to continue to be in the privy so long. Besides, you need to be doing somepoint.

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Why don"t you go aid your grandmother shell corn?" "I"m going, mama. I"m going.” …..