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The supply of procedure regulate systems is an IMS core competency and company focus. From its founding giving rolling mill regulate units, IMS has been guided by 2 key principles:

Utilize commercially obtainable off-the-shelf (COTS) manage mechanism platcreates, andFocus on regulate and procedure fundamentals in offering automation remedies.

At first glance these may seem somewhat unconnected, but, by making use of COTS options wherever before feasible less design is required to architect the automation platcreate and also more design can be used to the control application itself. (More on the usage of COTS modern technology below.)

Engineering the regulate devices for a procedure application calls for convergence of two understanding domains: fundamental expertise of control units theory and also style and knowledge of the physics and dynamics of the mechanism to be managed. One without the various other returns a sub-optimal solution. This is the significance of regulate units design.


It is not unwidespread for some suppliers in this industry to carry out options that show up to work but are not designed and also implemented based on sound regulate mechanism and procedure fundamentals. The absence of fundamentals is revealed in borderline process relicapacity, a persistent must ‘tune’ the system or various other interventions by a technician or engineer, and a limited capability to adjust operating points or optimize the process (i.e., the procedure ‘window’ is small).



Often in these situations there is a sense that the users and assistance staff see the procedure of the mechanism as a mystery and have actually low confidence in their capability to operate and assistance the device reliably.

A well-designed device based upon a solid foundation of control and process fundamentals returns enhanced procedure stcapability with essential process and also product variables accounted for in the architecture. When the process is taken and this understanding is accordingly incorporated into the control style, the mystery is rerelocated.

This is the significance of the IMS strategy.

We strive to understand exactly how our customers run their processes and the fundamental procedure ethics, and also then style and also build devices utilizing this expertise and also sound control system style values. This method is applied whether it is a manufacturing procedure that IMS has actually operated on many type of times prior to, such as a rolling mill hydraulic gap regulate, or a procedure that is brand-new to IMS.

Returning to the first principle above: the selection of a control system platcreate is prefer the selection of a tool – it is a method to an end. Technically the manage device platform have to satisfy the performance requirements of the application. Given this, it should additionally demonstrate operational benefits such as price efficiency and also sustainability via as broad a assistance base and as lengthy a life as feasible.

IMS very closely evaluates and selects proper COTS manage system platforms and also components based upon customer input, regulate platform product specifications, OEM reputation, and also price. The platcreates and also components are then tested to validay the platform meets the technological demands for the regulate application.

With the selection of a prstove robust regulate platdevelop such as Rockwell Automation ControlLogix, the regulate solution is the emphasis of a task and also the platdevelop itself needs minimal focus and reresource expenditure. While IMS is supplier and also platform agnostic, our deep suffer through a pick few of the leading OEM regulate mechanism platcreate service providers gives us high confidence in structure options based on these units.

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Because production mostly shares the very same structure blocks as supplied in IMS’ experiences above, we have constantly been confident and also effective once taking on new opportunities exterior of the sectors we traditionally serve.