Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattison, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene prepared one last time for their roles of a lifetime as stars of the Twilight series and final film Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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“It was a strange feeling – not surprising, I supposed, since everything felt strange now – this being a natural at something. As a human, I’d never been best at anything,” Bella Swan expresses in Breaking Dawn. In the first four movies, Kristen Stewart has had to play a fragile, clumsy teenager compared to her strong, tough vampires and werewolf costars. For Breaking Dawn Part II, Stewart finally got the chance to join in on the athletic fun as a newly reborn vampire. Since vampires are known to be swift and agile, Stewart had to put in some effort to make sure she was physically ready to play the part. The others had to prepare to make sure they were still in tip-top shape as well. We got the scoop on each stars unique workout routines and eating habits.

Kristen Stewart

Since vampires have a strong and desirable reputation, Stewart had to make a few subtle changes to achieve her new vampire figure. She naturally has a lean figure, although she claims to eat a bunch of junk food without watching what she eats. For this movie though, that certainly changed. She cut certain unhealthy foods out – being more generally focused on eating healthier and stopped smoking.

“But I’m playing a vampire soon, and I eat disgustingly normally. And so I’m trying to not put so much butter in my food and stuff like that,” Stewart explains.

According to Get Muscular, Stewart’s favorite exercises are horse-back riding, swimming, dance, and yoga.


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Robert Pattinson

Although Pattinson has always played a vampire, he still put in effort to look great until the end. Pattinson claims to love food and hate exercise, but he gave up junk food and cigarettes to get healthier and achieve a lean, sexy vampire body.

As for the workouts, Pattinson focused on high intensity workouts such as boxing and circuit training, because vampires aren’t necessarily supposed to be large and muscular like his werewolf nemesis Jacob. According to Fitness Venues, he did different types of circuits each day at a very fast pace, and then repeated them a few times.

Taylor Lautner


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Taylor Lautner has worked very hard to achieve his muscular body. It all started in the beginning, when he gained 30 pounds of muscle for the first movie of the Twilight series. It took a ton of dedication, lots of lean healthy food, and many intense training sessions to put on major muscle with minimal fat. Bulking up required Lautner to lift heavy weights, do martial arts, boxing, wrestling, and focus on eating more clean food than he burned. According to Examiner, he rarely took time off the gym, and didn’t allow himself to indulge in any treats.

“I remember my last shirtless scene, when we were filming Breaking Dawn,” Lautner disclosed. “When we wrapped the scenes with my body in them, that was such a night! I went out and I had dessert for the first time in like a year. I took a few days off from the gym, another HUGE deal.”

Kellan Lutz 


Image courtesy of Kellan Lutz Facebook page

Also known as Emmett Cullen, Lutz has an amazingly muscular body and ripped abs. For Breaking Dawn Part II, he too, put in major effort in the gym and at the table. According to Examiner, Lutz follows a low-carb, high protein diet. He eats small meals every 2-4 hours to keep his metabolism at an all time high.

For exercise, he’s committed to doing something everyday. He mixes his training up with things like lifting weights, isometrics, swimming, core moves, hiking, and running.

Ashley Greene


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Alice is known for her psychic abilities, but her lean toned body is pretty fab too. Greene claims that she isn’t a size zero, and she thinks having a woman’s body is much more attractive and attainable.

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I don’t want a child’s body,” Greene told Women’s Health magazine. “I want a woman’s body that is extremely fit. It’s so much sexier.”

According to Examiner, Greene doesn’t diet, but she just eats healthy and provides her body with the nutrients it needs. She is a huge fan of Pilates, and makes sure to do it about six times per week. No wonder she has such a strong core!

Although each of the stars had different techniques to attaining their bodies, they all generally followed similar guidelines – move each day, and eat right. Use the comment section to share which Twilight star is your favorite? Would you rather be lean and fast like a vampire or strong like a werewolf?