If you’re a fan of the early periods of Fear The Walking Dead, “Handle With Care” will feel the closest the show has actually come to the era of Madiboy (Kim Dickens), Travis (Cliff Curtis), Nick (Frank Dillane) and also Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) in a really lengthy time. That’s not just because it centers about one of the original personalities, Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades), but additionally bereason it brings him back to his usual bada** personality… with a tragic twist.

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The episode sees everyone struggling to job-related together to figure out just how to fight ago against the spray-paint team, who are, apparently, a vast and also looming danger. Strand also (Colmale Domingo), Dwight (Austin Amelio), Sherry (Christine Evangelista) and also Sarah (Mo Collins), among others, develop a council of sorts while Morgan (Lennie James) goes to find a monitor to make certain Grace (Karen David) and her baby are okay. While Morgan’s amethod, the baddies strike and Daniel provides it his mission to identify that inside the wall surfaces is functioning with them. But there’s more than meets the eye to the goings-on in the negotiation, and also Daniel could not have the ability to trust those around him — or his very own mind.


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Old Enemies, New Suspicions

After Morgan leaves, people from Strand’s group in Lawton, Sherry’s team and Sarah’s team all assemble and hand over their tools prior to meeting to discuss the risk. No one specifically likes each various other, however there’s a tenuous peace as they attempt to get to the bottom of things. And then that tranquility literally blows up roughly them as an explosion goes off at the edge of the community and Daniel discovers the tools he confiscated earlier are missing, every one of which leads him to suspect there’s a traitor in their middle.

Given their less-than-pleasant history, it’s no surpclimb Daniel would accusage Strand also. But it’s not choose Strand also doesn’t give him a reason; once everyone was ordered to rotate over their guns, he preserved his, which he supplies to take down numerous walkers that gone into the neighborhood after the explosion. Daniel reveals he let the walkers in so that he could discern who the traitor was, and also currently he knows. He locks Strand also up and also threatens to shoot him in the confront the means Strand when swarm him (leading to some fabulous acting from both Domingo and Blades), but prior to he can pull the create, Mbody organ mirrors up and saves everyone from the walkers.

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The Story Doesn’t Add Up

That’s wbelow things gain really amazing. Earlier, Daniel had actually sent Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) and Grace amethod from the community to a cabin wbelow they would be safe. Except Mbody organ goes to the cabin and also doesn’t find them there. Instead, they’re waiting on the outskirts of the caverns, which had previously been overrun with walkers, bereason they say that’s wright here Daniel told them to go. And they have the right to prove it: They display him a map where he circled the caverns. And that’s not all. Eventually the missing weapons are found… in Daniel’s quarters. He has no memory of taking them, simply as he has actually no memory of informing anyone to go to the caverns.

The whole episode is framed by narration from Daniel as he explains his version of events, and towards the end of the installment, it’s revealed that he’s been talking to June (Jenna Elfman) the totality time. She has actually him repeat a collection of words she’d told him to remember previously, and she has actually him attract a clock, and he does each perfectly. This leads her to believe the concern is not neurological, yet psychological. “Why is this happening to me now?” Daniel asks. Certainly a valid question, and June doesn’t have a solid answer, just theories. She states she’s going to learn even more around it.

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A New Home?

In the meantime, though, Daniel doesn’t want to remajor at Morgan’s settlement. “The last time these things happened in my mind, I set a entirety location on fire,” he tells Mbody organ and also Charlie, who catch him attempting to leave on horseearlier. (That’s a referral to Celia’s place in Seachild 2, and also just how he melted it dvery own after having actually hallucicountries of his wife.) He claims he’s going to go earlier to the warehouse wright here he was living before, yet Strand interrupts and also invites him to pertained to Lawton. Strand is visibly irked once Mbody organ asks him if his invitation is real — which is fair, bereason it must obtain tiring having actually people always assume the worst of you — but in the end, Mbody organ lets Daniel go and he rides off with Strand also to Lawton.

Other Observations

Skidmark is alive! Hooray! The amount of times Ofelia, and also Daniel’s previous, were mentioned in this episode made me so happy. I’m truly enjoying how Seachild 6 has been going, however I’ll always have actually a soft spot for Seasons 1-3, and I’m happy the display has actually continued to reference occasions and characters from those seasons. That shelp, it would’ve been neat if Mercedes Machild could’ve reverted for this episode. I was surprised they drew the parallel to Daniel burning dvery own Celia’s neighborhood when that was tied to hallucinations, which didn’t seem to be happening below. Plus, just how cool would certainly it have been to view Ofelia again? Rating: 4.5/5. I wasn’t a fan of the narration throughout the episode (although at the end, I understood why it was used), but overall, tright here were some surpincreasing twists and I’m looking forward to seeing where Daniel’s story goes from right here. Especially currently that he’s via Strand…

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