An skilled evaluation of the gas and electrical State water heaters. The evaluation covers the finest models, height functions, and benefits. Find the Energy Star and condensing models for ultra-effective water heating and good savings. Compare the 30-gal, 40-gal, and 50-gal models making use of an easy-to-check out comparikid chart.

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Premier and Select State water heaters are 2 major brands, found among residential gas and also electrical tank-kind systems, wright here the Select series supplies the widest selection.

The State manufacturer produces models which are high effectiveness and also recoincredibly, consisting of assorted customized models for special needs such as manufactured housing, tankmuch less, condensing straight vent, and others.

Since the AO Smith company owns the State water heater, there are many top quality functions that both brands share. Blue Diamond glass coating, for example, is among these superb attributes.

Modern features found on tank-form models

The Blue Diamond mechanism is the high-top quality glass coating used to defend the tank from corrosion.The Self-Cleaning State Turbo Coil dip tube is a technology that the State agency utilizes to alleviate the sediment buildup while keeping the heater's efficiency high, extfinishing the tank's life, and also conserving you money.The Green Choice burner is an eco-friendly burner designed to mitigate NOx emission so heaters deserve to comply with the regional requirements for low NOx requirements.FVIR or flammable vapor ignition resistance style is supplied for defense versus the accidental ignition of flammable vapors exterior the burning chamber.The Intelli-Vent electronic gas regulate valve is the smart valve that guarantees exact operation and helps in troubleshooting through the diagnostic mechanism.A stainless steel core anode rod is offered to defend the metal tank from corrosion.Energy-conserving heat traps minimize energy loss.Thick foam insulation helps in reducing standby warmth loss.A heavy-duty anode rod, which deserve to be made of aluminum or magnesium, protects the metal tank from corrosive water action.The durable warm surchallenge igniter is used for long life and also service.

State gas models

As the major player in the heating market, State Industries manufactures gas-fired water heaters that use both natural gas and propane.

State gas water heaters come from numerous categories; the advanced Premier line, economic climate Select, and on-demand or tankless group, consisting of ultra-effective models with condensing modern technology.

Premier models

Gas-powered water heaters from the Premier team are accessible in many various models and are uncovered in four major groups based upon the venting alternatives.

Two State models are truly outstanding; the Premier Power Vent DV design is an ultra-efficient model via 96% thermal performance, similar to AO Smith Vertex 100 Power DV.

Anvarious other version, Premier Power Vent, is also very effective but via a slightly lower thermal effectiveness of 90%. A fully submerged helical coil warmth exchanger is what renders these water heaters distinct.

Select models

The Select series gives the widest selection of residential gas heaters. These models are designed as atmospheric, straight, and also power vent devices and are created in miscellaneous tank sizes, from 40 to 100-gallon capacity, and for various applications.


Tankmuch less water heaters from State Industries have the right to be uncovered as the condensing and also typical, non-condensing models with the internal or exterior installation choices. All the residential models via the maximum gas input of as much as 199,900 BTU are high efficiency, and also Energy Star qualified as the EF is 0.87 or better.

State tankless water heaters warmth water on-call, carry out hot water in endmuch less and also continuous supply, and deserve to be used from point-of-usage company to whole-house usage, as some devices provide a water flow of as much as 10 GPM.

State electric models

From the electric category, State Ind. produces three teams of tank-type water heaters:


State Premier electrical water heaters are designed as the many energy-efficient residential electrical devices making use of a self-cleaning device.


The State Select electrical group, favor the Select gas family members, is the widest group of water heating models, obtainable in different sizes and also efficiency. Models choose high-performance, tall, brief, and Lowboy, Tabletop, Junior, and also point-of-use models can cover almost every residential application and family members requirements.


The greatest performance team is a team of the warmth pumps recognized as Premier Hybrid, the only electrical water heaters from State that are ultra-reliable and also Energy Star apconfirmed.

About the State Industries manufacturer

The State Water Heater Company was founded in 1946 in Nashville, Tennessee, US. In 1948, the State manufacturer developed its first electrical water heater and also, in 1954, first gas-fired water heaters. With salso production plants and also thousands of distribution centers and building contractors throughout the US, the State warm water heater manufacturer provides solid customer and also technical support, parts availability, and also warranty.

Today State Industries uses over 500 residential and also commercial water heaters, tank type and also tankmuch less, and various other water heating equipment choose pump tanks, expansion tanks, etc.

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