Policy Exhibit Title: Voluntary Early Retirement Plan for 2019-2020 Code No. 407.6E1


Purposes of the Plan

1. To provide recognition to retiring employees that have offered considerable years of organization to the Oskaloosa Community School District (“District”).

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2. To administer correct catalyst for employees considering beforehand retirement.


Eligibility Requirements

1. Must be current continual permanent employee of the District that is not subject to disciplinary activity and also has completed all contractual, licencertain, and also employment responsibilities. Employee have to be a licensed skilled employee (teacher, nurse, librarian, counselor, and so on.), licensed Administrator, or Director of the District. Employees that have previously got retirement incentives from the District are not eligible.

2. Must have a minimum of 10 years of company with the Oskaloosa Community School District and be at leastern at the minimum age for beforehand retirement benefits as establimelted by Iowa Code Chapter 97B by July 31, 2020. Years of company will be based upon the most recent constant employment instantly before July 1, 2020. Extfinished leave apshowed by the Board will certainly not count towards years of service, however will not break continuity of company. Staff meeting age requirements that have actually worked some or every one of their years of business on a part-time basis or partial-year basis, shall have actually any type of such year of company count as one-fifty percent year, and if the amount of cumulative years consists of one-half of a year, the number of years of service shall be rounded as much as the next totality year.

3. Application have to be made by 4:00PM, December 19, 2019, for retirement that would start July 1, 2020. Employee have to submit a written resignation from the existing contract contingent upon approval of the Board of Directors for participation in the retirement arrangement. In addition, the employee should complete and also submit to the Application for Participation in the Voluntary Early Retirement Plan.



1. Eligible employees will get an catalyst package based upon longevity and balance of sick leave. The package will certainly carry out $500.00 for every year of business via the District (as defined above) and also $25 for each day of sick leave staying as of June 30, 2020.

2. An employee who elects to remajor on the District’s health insurance plan subsequent to August 31, 2020, need to have their catalyst pay added to a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) hosted by the District. The expense of the health and wellness insurance premiums shall still be passist to the District by the reexhausted employee. If the employee elects not to take part in the District’s health insurance plan after retirement, they cannot elect to participate at a later on time.

3. An employee eligible for incentive pay that elects not to take part in the District’s wellness insurance need to have actually their benefit contributed to a 403(b) retirement account as gave by the District via the State of Iowa’s Retirement Investors Club. 

4. The funds for the catalyst packeras will certainly be disbursed into the correct account on or around November 16, 2020. The employee might not receive the inspiration funds in cash or in any form other than those listed over.


Other Provisions

1. The Board reserves the best to change the arrangement or cancel the setup at their discretion. Retirees that have been awarded retirement acknowledgment before the change or cancellation will have the possibility to rescind their retirement and resignation. Implementation of this arrangement does not vest any kind of right in any kind of employee to any type of current or future benefits.

2. Employees receiving this advantage shall not look for future irreversible employment with the District. The District, at its discretion, might initiate a reemployment sell to a retiree, and also if the retiree agrees, it will certainly not adjust the impetus package payments due the retiree.

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3. Pursuant to Iowa Statute, participation for eligible employees will be funded from the District’s Management Fund as beforehand retirement benefits.