The Force Awakens: 15 Dirty Behind The Scenes Secrets is going to take you behind the scenes of The Force Awakens and find out some shocking truths!

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In December 2015, the dreams of many type of fans came true through Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The initially true sequel (as opposed to a prequel) because 1983"s Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens was around the clash in between the reborn Empire in the form of the First Order and a brand-new Resistance. Filled via brand-new planets, aliens and personalities, The Force Awakens was critically acasserted and also likewise broke box office records, bringing a brand-new wave of fans to the franchise. However before, the journey to making the movie was far from smooth. Tbelow are the majority of dark keys going on behind that film and is below to burned some light on it.

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You may think you understand every little thing about the movie, but we"re right here to teach you somepoint brand-new. We"re going to be talking about scenes that were cut out or personalities that were included or rerelocated. Several of the actors had actually major problems, and there were additionally a couple of tricks that you wouldn"t know just from watching the movie. With Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theaters in December 2015, is going to run dvery own 15 of the juiciest tricks behind The Force Awakens.

George Lucas
For over 30 years, George Lucas had been thinking around movies set after Rerotate of the Jedi. After Revenge of the Sith, he announced that tright here would certainly be no more sequels, yet after the sale of Lucasarts to Disney, Lucas revealed that he had been planning even more movies. He"d even approached Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrikid Ford to repclimb their duties. In the actual movie, though, he was shut out.

Lucas offered his notes to the studio for his new trilogy, which would certainly have been about the rise of the New Republic with the teenage children of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and also Han Solo as primary characters. Screenwriter Michael Arndt even wrote a script based upon them, but the studio decided a brand-new manuscript based on J.J. Abrams and also Lawrence Kasdan"s ideas. Lucas wasn"t happy, comparing watching The Force Awakens to attfinishing your ex-wife"s wedding.

In June 2014, all of Star Wars fandom let out a collective cry of horror once the news damaged that Harrikid Ford was injured on the collection of The Force Awakens. At the time, a press release came out saying Ford had actually broken his ankle, and also he returned to occupational so it seemed like simply a minor accident.

It turned out that the hydraulic door of the Millennium Falcon accidentally came down on his left hip and also pinned him to the floor via the weight of a little automobile. The only factor Ford wasn"t cruburned to fatality is that someone hit an emergency stop switch. J.J. Abrams injured his own ago trying to lift the door off Ford, and also the actor suffered a damaged left leg. The company Foodles Production passist hefty fines for the accident.

star wars the last jedi poe dameron header
The Force Awakens introduced a brand-new dashing hero for the Star Wars series, hotswarm X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron. Dameron was charged via finding a piece of the map to Luke Skywalker"s location. He likewise lugged a type of "Han Solo" flair to the new movie, and also was crucial to introducing FN-2187 (instantly nickcalled by Poe as "Finn") to freedom and right into the Resistance.

The friendship between Poe and also Finn has actually become one of the many renowned (and also speculated) brand-new relationships in the brand-new movie, so it"s difficult to imagine it coming to an finish, however it did. In the original script, Poe was eliminated appropriate once we all assumed he was killed: in the crash after landing on Jakku. After seeing actor Osauto Isaac"s disappointment at being simply a cameo, Abrams recreated the manuscript to store him alive.


C-3PO Red Arm
In The Force Awakens, we saw many familiar encounters, among which was the robot C-3PO. You could not have well-known him through the red arm, at leastern by his reasoning. C-3PO had spent many of the original trilogy as a solid gold color, however the new colored arm was a huge readjust and also not one that also the actor Anthony Daniels agreed through.

Tright here is a reason for the red arm which is revealed in the tie-in media surrounding the film. In the one-swarm comic Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1: The Phantom Limb (James Robinboy, Tony Harris), we found that C-3PO was one of a team of droids trying to obtain the place of Admiral Ackbar to the Resistance. One red droid risked its life to conserve C-3PO, so C-3PO had its red arm attached to remember it by.

One of the most mysterious characters in The Force Awakens was Supreme Leader Snoke. While little bit is known about Snoke and wright here he came from, his appearance came late in the game. Andy Serkis did the activity capture for Snoke and commonly he has actually a pretty good concept of what the character is going to be. That adjusted on The Force Awakens.

Even while he was doing motion capture for the character, he didn"t know what Snoke would certainly look or sound prefer. J.J. Abrams was still arising the voice and also mannerisms because he wanted to protect against copying the Emperor. At one suggest, Abrams even made a decision to make Snoke a woguy. The female Snoke was occurred all the means as much as sculpting a full-sized version until the decision was made to go through an older and also physically scarred male version.


Since 1977"s Star Wars, Chewbacca has been a beloved part of the franchise, and he"s always been performed by Peter Mayhew. The legendary actor created his very own activities for the character by examining animals and made Chewbacca a part of him. Though he"s gained older, fans rejoiced as soon as it was announced he was returning to the character.

Yet the truth is that not all of Chewbacca"s scenes in The Force Awakens were perdeveloped by Mayhew. These days, the 7"2" Mayhew demands a cane to walk, so he spent months training 6"11"-inch actor Joonas Suotamo to take his area. Lucasfilm hasn"t revealed which scenes Suotamo remained in, however it seems like any type of scenes that involved Chewbacca walking or running about were done by Suotamo or Mayhew"s stuntmale.

In eincredibly movie, tbelow are alters to the story as the script is being created, and some personalities might be reduced from the final film or cut brief. That"s the instance via Luke Skywalker and Maz Kanata. Luke Skywalker was the hero of the original trilogy and also an icon in Star Wars, so audiences normally expected to watch him in The Force Awakens. That"s why audiences were surprised that we just witnessed his face on the screen at the exceptionally end and Luke had actually no lines.

In the manuscript phase, Luke had more scenes however they were reduced bereason the writers felt he took over the movie. Without him, the main characters stayed the emphasis. Likewise, the sage bartender Maz Kanata was supposed to follow the cast along to the Resistance base yet that was cut bereason Abrams thought she didn"t do anypoint helpful other than sit roughly.


Whenever before anyone speculated about the original actors reuniting to show up in a brand-new Star Wars movie, one name has constantly been a question mark: Harrison Ford. Ford has actually made no key over the years around exactly how he dispreferred George Lucas, the function of Han Solo or anything linked with Star Wars. That"s why he surprised everyone by agreeing to carry out The Force Awakens.

How did they perform it? Was it the opportunity to reprise a classic role? Did he have a readjust of heart about the role? Was it the $25 million paycheck? Well, that last one is a possibility, but it appears that Harrikid Ford just agreed to carry out The Force Awakens bereason he was promised Han Solo would certainly be killed. That could not be also much of a surprise considering Ford allegedly asked Lucas to kill Han in the original trilogy.

In the minds of many type of Star Wars fans, the opening fanfare of the 20th Century Fox logo design is as much a component of the movies as "A lengthy time ago in a galaxy far, far away." That blast of trumpets has actually been a component of Star Wars since the initially movie in 1977, but the movies are currently under Disney. That"s why viewers of The Force Awakens might have noticed the opening appeared a bit shorter than usual with just the Lucasarts logo.

It"s additionally shorter because there"s an important logo missing: the Disney logo. As a Disney movie, The Force Awakens have to have actually opened with the famed Disney mansion, however the studio agreed to leave its logo off the opening of the movie "for the fans." It wouldn"t be Star Wars through Tinkerbell flying by.


There"s a heritage through blockbuster movies, particularly through Star Wars movies, to release a video game tie-in. There have been multiple video games based on all the Star Wars movies, so some fans were surprised to check out no official The Force Awakens video game. That was intentional because everyone affiliated agreed that movie-based video games generally suck.

The difficulty is constantly trying to develop a game and also a movie at the very same time, particularly a movie choose The Force Awakens that wasn"t even totally completed till weeks before the premiere, which would have left developers scrambling. Instead of releasing a full main game, it was determined to add content based upon the brand-new movie to existing Star Wars games like Star Wars: Battlefront and also Disney Infinity.

One of the pivotal moments in The Force Awakens came after the capture of Rey when she was organized prisoner and interrogated by Kylo Ren. In the interrogation, Kylo rerelocated his helmet for the initially time so we can view his face and supplied his Force powers to try to extract indevelopment from Rey. When he rerelocated his helmet, he slammed it down onto a table via a pit of ashes. Some viewers wondered what those ashes were. Well, the answer is not pretty.

J.J. Abrams later on revealed that the table holds the ashes of civilization that Kylo Ren has actually eliminated. He literally took the burned up flesh of his adversaries and made them into a hat-stand also. The moment actually came from the scene previously in his quarters but was moved to the interrogation scene for continuity.


Carrie Fisher as soon as said that the worst day she ever before invested on a collection was her initially day of shooting The Force Awakens. That sounds negative, but there"s a reason for it and also it had nothing to perform through her not wanting to carry out the movie. When she began shooting her scenes, it had been decades since she last portrayed Princess Leia and rather a few years considering that she"d acted on display screen other than for cameos and guest appearances in movies or TV reflects.

The press and also unfamiliarity made her so nervous that she blew the majority of her lines. According to her and also Abrams, she ended the day in disappointment. Of course, points acquired much better on the second day and she delivered a great performance. She was all set to reprise the character in the following 2 movies prior to her tragic death.

When Carrie Fisher was hired for The Force Awakens, the studio"s best worry was her weight. Fisher as soon as joked in an interview, "They desire to hire part of me, not all of me. So they desire to hire around I have to get rid of the fourth somehow." They put her on a rigorous regimen of diet and exercise so she shed 35 pounds easily.

Yet it wasn"t great sufficient. Some fans complained around exactly how old she looked, which is really unfair to compare her at 59 to a twenty-year-old. Fisher was keenly conscious of it because she posted on Twitter, "Please soptimal debating about whether or not aged well. Unfortunately it harms all 3 of my feelings." She passed amethod shortly after the movie"s release, and some have speculated her quick weight loss contributed to her heart assault.


Captain Phasma captured many attention via her chrome armor and also imposing elevation. She was likewise a groundbreaking villain in The Force Awakens as a female baddie (played by Gwendoline Christie) in a cosmos conquered by men. That virtually wasn"t the situation, given that she was originally supposed to be a male.

In the original concept, Captain Phasma was still a stormtrooper captain of the First Order however the plan was to cast Benedict Cumberbatch in the role. However, just weeks before shooting was schedubrought about start, there was a backlash digital over exactly how few woguys were in the actors. To balance points out, Abrams and also screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan chose to switch Phasma from male to female and also a new opponent was born. Even though she didn"t have much to carry out in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi promises to have even more Phasma action.

When the brand-new movie was announced, tright here was no director attached to it. A lot of names were tossed approximately to straight the new film, but one of the the majority of unmost likely was J.J. Abrams. That"s bereason Abrams was directing and spearheading a reboot of the Star Trek franchise at the time. It appeared unmost likely Abrams would perform it, and he even came out and also shelp so.

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Yet Abrams made a lot of sense considering that - even while creating and directing Star Trek - he shelp publicly that he was more of a fan of Star Wars. Many kind of Star Trek fans likewise complained that 2009"s Star Trek felt more favor a Star Wars movie. That might be why Lucasarts president Kathleen Kennedy was so identified to gain him. She checked out Abrams" office personally and also invested a month in intense negotiations to lug him on board. We"re glad he did.