What did heroes choose Luke, Han, Leia, and Lanexecute execute via themselves after Endor? With Star Wars: Battlefront II, we finally have actually some canonical answers.

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Ten years back, Star Wars canon was a lot bigger than it is now. But, ever given that Disney took over the franchise, all the old publications, comics, and also games ended up being an different history. The upside of this is that pretty a lot eexceptionally brand-new Star Wars point after The Force Awakens counts. And that the new game, Battlefront II. Although the game technically covers that 30-year gap, a lot of of the activity takes area in the time of the 13 months instantly afterRerevolve of the Jedi. And even we largely follow Imperial Commander Iden Versio, the game additionally checks in via most of the significant players from the original trilogy.

Here are the eight biggest ways Battlefront II has adjusted Star Wars canon forever before.


8. The Emperor Planned “Operation: Cinder” After His Death

After the Emperor passed away in Rerevolve of the Jedi, the remaining members of the Empire still did his bidding, because Palpatine left a series of hologram recordings to be spread by means of some creepy red droids. We see only one very early in the game as soon as Iden Versio meets via her father, Admiral Garrick Versio best after the damage of the second Death Star.

These droids deliver information and also instructions concerning Operation: Cinder, which had actually the ultimate aim of ruining both the Realm and its adversaries — or at the incredibly least just destabilizing the Republic.


7. Luke Skywalker Retrieved a Compass on Pillio That Probably Led Him to the First Jedi Temple

Early in Battlefront II, Iden Versio’s comrade Agent Del Meeko is on a mission to ruin the Emperor’s Observatory on Pillio as soon as he encounters Luke Skywalker, who had actually been drawn tbelow by the Force. The 2 conserve each other’s stays and also come to be allies, nearly friends. The “Observatory” transforms out to be some sort of vault full of relics, and also Luke somewhat innocently takes somepoint he calls a “compass.” But it looks like it might contain star coordinates.

We can’t recognize for sure, but the implication is that Luke’s retrieval of this artitruth probably led him to the First Jedi Temple and inevitably to his self-implemented exile on Ahch-To.

6. Han Solo Grew a Beard, Liberated Kashyyyk With Chewbacca, and Had a Son

One Battlefront II mission has actually the player assume regulate over Han Solo on Takodana at Maz Kanata’s castle. Han is meeting up with an Imperial statistician that has actually information that deserve to assist him and also Chewbacca liberate Kashyyyk, Chewie’s homeworld, from Imperial control. They go on to perform simply that in the canonical novel Aftermath: Life Debt immediately after.

In Battlefront II, Han and Maz already have some type of personal background, but their interaction in Battlefront II increates their partnership as we view it in The Force Awakens.

It’s also worth nothing that these events occur bacount a year before Ben Solo is born, which suggests that a lot happens over a number of months.


5. Iden Versio Helped Success the Battle of Jakku, Which Finiburned Off the Realm For Good

The Empire might have lost its Force-wielding leaders during the Battle of Endor, yet it went on to survive for more than a year afterward. It wasn’t till the Battle of Jakku that the Empire was truly defeated, and also as Iden Versio, you assist win that battle for the Rebels in Battlefront II.

Remember at the start of The Force Awakens when Rey scavenges with the remains of an old Star Destroyer? That ship was carried down during the Battle of Jakku, in addition to many type of others.

Since Iden Versio and also Del Meeko start a romantic partnership at this point on Jakku, and the epilogue reveals that they go on to marry and also have a daughter, some people wonder if that daughter might be Rey.

Note: Han and also Leia aren’t involved in the fight, probably bereason Ben Solo was born a brief time after, meaning that Leia was more than likely nearing the finish of her pregnancy at the moment.


4. Gideon Hask Helped Create the First Order

After the Battle of Jakku, the remnants of the Realm fled to the Unrecognized Regions of the galaxy and regrouped to create the First Order years later. As it turns out, the previous member of Inferno Squad Gideon Hask was just one of those officers, and he was presumably also among the founding members.

Therefore, we check out throughout the Battlefront II epilogue that he’s an officer in the First Order just before the occasions of The Force Awakens in charge of something dubbed “Project: Resurrection.” He’ll no doubt play an important role in upcoming DLC for the game and maybe also future film installments.

Gideon Hask confronts an imprisoned Del Meeko quickly prior to the events of "The Force Awakens".EA DICE

3. Del Meeko Kbrand-new Lor San Tekka and also Maybe Where Luke Went

The final mission of Battlefront II sees Del Meeko 30 years after the Battle of Jakku recorded by the First Order on Pillio. Kylo Ren shows up and desires to recognize just how he have the right to uncover “the map to Skywalker.” He requirements, “Show me where the old guy took it.” He’s talking about Lor San Tekka, which leads straight right into The Force Awakens as soon as the First Order finds him at the start of the movie.

We don’t understand a lot around exactly how Iden Versio and Del Meeko might’ve been connected with Luke Skywalker and also Lor San Tekka, yet if they had even more information about the missing last Jedi than Han or Leia, then their connection might wind up being exceptionally vital. Keep in mind that Del Meeko and also Luke had their bonding session all those years ago on Pillio.

Kylo Ren breaks Del Meeko"s mind to gain the info he needs, yet it"s incredibly various from the movies.EA DICE

2. Kylo Ren’s Mind Hack Powers Get More Context

When Kylo Ren reaches out through the Force to interrogate Del Meeko, it’s the very same as once he does the very same to Poe Dameron and also later on Rey, yet right here the suffer is vastly various. Kylo Ren literally goes right into Del Meeko’s mind via dreamfavor memories in which the player hregarding fight apparitions in previous locations from the game.

Does this expect that once Kylo Ren invaded Poe’s mind, he had actually to fight his way via the ace pilot’s memories? Metaphorically, yes. Whether or not we take all this literally as opposed to a forced gameplay mechanic, the Battlefront II sequence additionally contextualizes exactly how Kylo Ren’s unique power functions.

1. Snoke’s “Project Resurrection” Teased for Future DLC and also Maybe Even The Last Jedi

Kylo Ren’s interrogation of Del Meeko might be a fun lead-in to The Force Awakens, but the more eyebrow-increasing point we learn in the Battlefront II epilogue has every little thing to execute via Gideon Hask, Protectoprice Gleb, and also somepoint they speak to “Project Resurrection.” Del Meeko reportedly found the job, which is why he was killed.

When Gleb asks if “task resurrection have the right to continue as planned,” Hask states “on the contrary” and also chastises Gleb for her incompetence. Flustered, she promises to “refind the Pillio operation” and also triple their efforts on Athulla.

We can’t recognize what this task requires, however it’s totally feasible that it has actually something to carry out through Snoke and also the true objective of the First Order.

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Battlefront II gets a Resurrection DLC on December 13 just before The Last Jedi is released in theaters on December 15.