The Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day parade touts itself as the second-biggest St. Patty’s event in the country.

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​But because there’s so muchelse to watch and also perform Downtvery own throughout the occasion, we’ve developed an itinerary for eincredibly type of team dynamic. First points first:

Parade RouteThe parade will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 11 at the Greyhound Bus Station at the interarea of Liberty Avenue and also 11th Street. It proceeds down Grant Street, transforms right on the Boulevard of the Allies and ends at Commonwealth Place.

FamilySt. Patrick’s Day can be notorious in many type of circles for drinking and also debauchery, however there still are fun activities for households trying to find a kid-friendly setting.

8:30 a.m.: Head to the North Shore for hassle-free parking. Then take a complimentary ride on the T at North Side station, acquire off at Gatemethod and head to Market Square.9 a.m.: The all-periods festivities begin at 10 a.m. We recommfinish grabbing a bite at Bluebird Kitchen so you don't have to suffer all of the activityon an empty stomach.10 a.m.:The kid-friendly “St. Patrick’s Day Parade Fest” lasts from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and attributes challenge painting and street performers.10:45 a.m.:Head a few blocks south to the Boulevard of the Allies to capture the parade at the end of its course. You’ll most likely capture the majority of of the procession relying on when you leave Market Square.

After the parade, consider a stop at the Carnegie Science Center on the North Shore (near your car). In the evening, hire a babysitter for the little bit ones and also hit the St. Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery Dinner at Gaetano’s Banquet Center at 1617 Banksville Roadway,just a mile from Downtown. The occasion starts at 7 p.m. Ticket indevelopment deserve to be found right here.


College FriendsWe have some suggestions for a complete day of fun for you and a group of ( 21+) friends.

10 a.m.:Gather at any kind of spot along the parade route.We imply lining up alengthy Boulevard of the Allies near the Smitharea Street Bridge as it’ll be closest to your following destination.

With Your DateThe dynamics of a St. Patty’s day are a little different than going through friends; you desire to have fun however also don’t want to embarrass yourself. So here’s a nice deteriorate.

Aacquire, this is assuming you and also your date are both 21 or older.

10 a.m.: Claim your spot along Boulevard of the Allies close to Market Square. Enjoy yourselves as you mingle and also watch one of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the nation.2 p.m.: After the parade, Market Square is usually a hotbed of St. Patty’s activity. Head there and go to Diamond Market Bar & Grill, Nola or even Primanti Bros. for a drink and also possibly some live performances from Irish bands.

Other St. Patrick's Day Events

The Event:Annual St. Patrick’s Parade Button PartyWhen: 5-7:30 p.m., Friday, March 3Where:Mitchell’s Pub,304 Ross St., DowntownWhat you'll discover there:Commemorative buttons are accessible from parade committee members and also at the door for a $30 donation. Beverages and also a hot buffet are consisted of.

The Event: AOH Division 9/Allegheny County Communion BreakfastWhen:10 a.m., Sunday, March 5Where:St. Paul’s Seminary (2900 Noblestvery own Roadway, Pittsburgh, PA 15205)What you'll find there:Mass is celebrated by Bishop DavidZubikcomplied with by a breakquick banquet and main regimen. The occasion has the formal development of the Parade’s Grand also Marshal and also Miss Smiling Irish Eyes and her court. Also introduced at the occasion is the AOHHibernianof the Year. Many kind of neighborhood, state and national political leaders and also local Irish community leaders attend to the gathering.

The Event:Crowning of 2017 Miss Smiling Irish Eyes by Allegheny County Chief Executive Rich FitzgeraldWhen:Noon,Thursday, March 9Where: River’s Club, Oxford Center,DowntownWhat you'll uncover there:Buffet lunch, cost$30. RSVP in advancement.

The Event: Parade Day MassWhen:8 a.m., Saturday, March 11Where: St. Patrick's Church (obviously), 57 21st St., Sexpedition DistrictWhat you'll discover there:Interested parade-goers and also marchers start their day off in the true soul of St. Patrick through a Romale Catholic Mass.

The Event:“Halfmeans to the Festival” partyWhen: 1-5 p.m., Sunday, March 19Where:Bulgarian-National Educational and also Cultural Center, 451 W. 8th Ave., West Homestead.

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What you'll uncover there:The occasion will certainly attribute live music from regional Irish acts includingHooley, The Wild Geese, Terry Griffith and also even more. Guests likewise can enjoy entertainment from people champion Irish action dancers from theShovlinAcademy of Irish Dance, the Pittsburgh IrishReelersand the PittsburghCeiliClub.