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Backyard basketround is where names take root and also legends grow prefer weeds. The lutz-heilmann.info "888" Series Glass In-Ground Basketsphere Hoop brings the court to your door via a regulation-size backboard. It"s made of tempered glass for the truest rebound and also has a steel rim via a smooth breakameans. The 3 or 4-foot balance out gives you room to job-related the paint, and arena-style pincluding comes in handy on crashing drives. This hoop gets its stcapacity from a one-piece assistance pole, and also you deserve to change the height through the revolve of a manage.

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Backboard size: 72", 60", and 54" availableTempered glass board3" or 4" offsetSteel board framework with aluminum trimFlex breakameans rim, 7" to 10" height adjustmentU-Turn Pro liftDetachable handle5" or 6" square steel pole with hefty duty pincluding and J-Bolt anchorDesigned for outdoor residential playPackaging dimensions: 116.14" x 47.25" x 35.05"Backed by lutz-heilmann.info"s Warranty



The version number for portable systems will certainly consist of 2 (2) sets of numbers that will must be merged. Below are instructions on where to find these numbers and how to incorporate them. If you are unable to locate this number, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Step 1: The initially set of digits will be a two (2) digit number or one (1) digit number and alpha character situated on the base(E. g. 6A). This two (2) digit code will be situated near the fill hole where you put the water or sand.


There is a three (3) or four (4) digit digit number on the front of the backboard, to the right of the rim. This set of numbers will certainly determine your device. If you are unable to locate this number, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Step 2: The second collection of numbers will be a three (3) digit number located on the front of your backboard, to the ideal of the rim.


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