Can't decide who to kill in the final goals of The Fractured But Whole? Here's a guide that will certainly help you make the appropriate alternative when killing Mom or Dad.

In among the last missions of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, titled "The Many kind of Asses of Dr. Mephesto," you will be offered a hard choice: killing Mom or Dad.

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Before making the option, however, you initially need to get to the DNA lab where your parental fees are confined. Then, based on your own judgment, you should make the option. That is unmuch less you use this guide to tell you which of your parents to kill and also just how to perform it.

How to Get to the DNA Lab inSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole


Before you have the right to reach the DNA lab concealed deep inside the Dr. Mephesto"s facility, you will certainly must clear a number of rooms filled via dangerous foes.

First, you will arrive at Dr. Mephesto"s Genetic Engineering lab at the incredibly finish of the game. There you will accomplish Morgan Freeguy, who will provide you a brand-new fart that will ultimately let you readjust the day into the night.

As you enter the lab, you will certainly face a horde of destructive cats that you should fight to move on. After you"ve defeated your wiley foes, you"ll must relocate on to the next room, where a group of Mutant Sixth-Graders waits for you.

The next 2 rooms will disclose the evil plans of Mitch Conner (a.k.a. Cartman"s left hand), and one more fight via some even more Ass Mutants. When you"re done beating them, you will certainly finally reach the DNA scanning room, wright here both of your parents are trapped.

What Happens When You Kill Your Mom or Kill Your Dad inSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole

As soon as you enter the lab, you will check out that your dad is strapped to an operating table by what looks favor a steel sheet. Your mother will certainly be in the nearby office bleeding everywhere theroom. When you soptimal to Dad, he will certainly tell you to kill Mom. When you soptimal to Mom, she will certainly tell you to kill Dad

But no matter what they say, you have to kill one of them to relocate forward. Why? Because you have to put either Dad"s head or Mom"s arm into the DNA scanner to unlock the elevator, which will lead you to the following area of the mission.

How to Kill Dad inSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole


To kill Dad, you need to press the significant red button on the bottom right edge of the procedure table three times (displayed in the picture above). Each time you press the switch, he will certainly try to guide you to kill your mother instead.

If you press the button three times in the row, yet, the mechanical laser will cut off Dad"s head. You have the right to take the head and use it on the DNA scanning machine.

How to Kill Mom inSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole

To kill mom in TFBW, technique your her left arm and pull it 3 times. Every time you pull Mom"s arm, she will certainly scream in pain and attempt to persuade you that you need to kill Dad rather.

If you pull her left arm 3 times, but, you will certainly tear Mom"s arm off, killing her. After that, you deserve to put her arm right into the DNA scanning machine and relocate forward.

So Who perform You Choose to Kill?

The fact is that the choice is entirely irrelevant. Whether you kill your mother or your dad, the outcome will be the very same. But you still must kill one of them in order to unlock the elevator.

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So pick the parent that annoys you the most and also proceed on your mission.


Hopecompletely, this guide aided you make the choice on which parent to kill in TFBW. If you"re looking for more tips, tricks, and also techniques for The Fractured But Whole, be certain to examine out various other South Park guides here at