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(Maria)Perhaps I had actually a wicked childhoodPerhaps I had actually a miserable youthBut somewbelow in my wicked miserable pastI have to have had a moment of truthFor right here you areStanding thereLoving meWhether or not you shouldSo somewbelow in my youthOr childhoodI should have actually done somepoint goodNothing originates from nothingNopoint ever before couldSo somewbelow in my youth or childhoodI should have done somepoint good(Captin)Here you are standing hereLoving meWhether or not you should(Maria)So somewright here in my youth or childhoodI have to have done something good(Together)Nopoint originates from nothingNopoint ever before could(Maria)So some wbelow in my youth or child(Captin)Or childhood(Maria)I need to have actually done something(together)Somepoint excellent
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