Is there a method to sort contacts by day included, or at least view contacts that have actually been newly added? I"m running os 2.2.

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This is valuable if you desire programmatic and CLI accessibility to your contacts in sorted order.

If you"re on then many more than likely your phone contacts are synced through your Google account"s contacts which you have the right to accessibility making use of Google Contacts. Now, utilizing the Google Command Line Tools you deserve to rerotate contacts in order of filing if no other sort strategy is set.

For example, use the complying with command also to acquire all contacts in a message file in recently included order:

google contacts list ".*" > output.txtCheers.


This Recent Contacts application is cost-free and needs one less permission than the application of the exact same name that
user4212 argued. It does call for 2.3.3+, though. It is straightforward and also appears to execute a decent task, but the developer does say it is not perfect. From the app:

This application lists your contacts in reverse order of contact ID. This normally puts the most freshly included contects at the height. However since the stock anddroid contacts app does not save the production day of a call, tbelow is no absolute way of sorting contacts by date included. You will notification that some contacts are out of location, this is bereason the ID numbers periodically readjusted by the mechanism.

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Brief answer: I made an application for this referred to as Quis, and also would certainly love to hear if it solves your difficulty :)

Longer answer: does not conserve the date you included contacts, unfortunately. However before, tbelow is a trick: you can kind contacts by their "raw ID" in the database, which approximately boost over time. It"s not perfect, definition that it will even more or much less job-related for current contacts, yet absolutely won"t job-related for contacts added years earlier because a lot of things probably occurred given that then – brand-new phone, Google merging/syncing contacts, and also assorted third-party apps messing with the contacts database.

I wanted this so badly I actually made an application for it. It stores the date and also area of newly included contacts, and also likewise supplies the over trick for contacts included prior to utilizing the app. Would love to hear your thoughts!