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How to reply to lutz-heilmann.info postings

1. Click "Reply."

2. A home window through response options will certainly show up.

To usage your default mail program, click the blue response connect at the top.If you usage one of the detailed webmail solutions, click the equivalent icon.


To use an different email program you will should copy and paste the reply-to attend to.

3. Make certain the response resolve is highlighted and copy it to your clipboard.

On a PC: right-click on the email attend to and then pick "copy" or "copy email deal with."On a Mac: organize dvery own the Control key and then click on the email deal with. When a menu pops up, pick "copy" or "copy email deal with."


4. Now open up your email program and also begin a new message.

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5. Paste the response address into the "To" field.

On a PC: right-click the to box and also then choose "paste."On a Mac: host down the Control key and then click inside the to box. When a menu pops up, choose "paste."