I recently experienced a deeply thought-provoking quote (writer unknown) that I feel is especially relevant in today’s civilization of hyper-communication where so many people write, document, article, sfinish, comment, or in some various other method share so many opinions and also perspectives on a day-to-day basis. The quote is this: “Silence is the finest answer to someone that doesn’t value your words.”

With that believed in mind, I’d prefer to share a section of an post I wrote and also published numerous years back around a man that well-known the power of silence:


Calvin Coolidge, the 30thPresident of the United States, was infamed for his taciturn means, earning him the nickname “Silent Cal.” But Coolidge wasn’t quiet because he was incredibly introverted or inarticulate—on the contrary, he was a extremely visible president that entertained plenty of guests at the White Housage and confirmed to be a capable public communicator, holding frequent press conferences and also speaking on the radio.

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So why did he say so bit throughout normal conversation? One thing Coolidge did say was, “No guy ever before listened himself out of a project.” Coolidge was a listener, not a talker. He realized the worth of saying less and listening more.

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It is in humale nature to want to be heard; we all desire attention and acknowledgment to some level. Even if you don’t have a loquacious demeanor, like most of us you most likely gain providing your “two-cents” and interjecting your own opinions and also insights during conversation. For the majority of, it takes much much less technique to speak than to refrain from speaking.

Speaking less and listening even more has actually multiple benefits. By “keeping your mouth shut” you might very well store yourself out of trouble—many kind of a sticky case could be averted if just certain things weren’t shelp. And I would also argue that it is better for civilization to think you’re booked than to judge you as ignorant many thanks to a foolish comment. As Coolidge wisely noted,“If you don’t say anything, you won’t be referred to as on to repeat it.”

Discover a vital success principle from the instance of Calvin Coolidge, and take the time to consider the power of sometimes not saying anything at all.

Say less, listen more, and also store in mind another quote from the 30thUNITED STATE President:“I have actually never before been hurt by what I have not sassist.”