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Let's say you're a firefighter getting here at a burning home.If you act with celerity, you act with swiftness: you understand what to carry out, so you leap instantly into activity.If you act via a___rity, you act with cheerful eagerness: you smile and also whistle as you make your method confidently into the residence.If you act through d____rity, you act through great physical skill: your hands and also body understand precisely just how to maneuver the fire hose.And if you act with le__rity, you act via a quick, nimble lightness: you flit effortlessly right into the building, wielding your fire hose as if it were an expansion of your very own body.Could you recontact each of those beautiful words? If you're not sure, give them a click.

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"CELERITY""Celerity" comes from the Latin word for "swift," which explains why it looks a littlefavor "accelerate."When you perform somepoint via celerity, you perform it via speed or swiftness.Pronunciation:sih LAIR ih tee

Part of speech:Uncountable noun.(Like "milk," "rice," and "advice," uncountable nouns are words for stuff that can’t be broken into exact systems. You talk around "some milk," "the rice," and "the majority of advice," but you don’t say "a milk," "3 rices," or "many type of advices."Likewise, talk around "the celerity," "this celerity," "its celerity," "such celerity," "no celerity," and so on,yet don’t say "one celerity" or "celerities."An exemption is that you can say "a celerity" if you're talking around a specific level of speed: "He reacted through a celerity that shocked me.")

Other prevalent forms:noneHow to usage it:When "rate," "swiftness," and "rapidity" aren't elaborate or formal sufficient for your context, pick "celerity" rather, but be mindful that not that many type of English speakers recognize it.Talk around someone doing somepoint with celerity. You can act or decide with celerity, donate or add via celerity, improve or advancement via celerity, follow or obey with celerity, move or whirl roughly through celerity, enter or leave with celerity, respond or reply or react via celerity, and so on.Or, talk around the celerity of something: the celerity of the deer's reactions, her celerity of reply, the celerity of their victory.Add an adjective, if you want: "she relocated with astonishing celerity," "they reacted with surprisingcelerity," "he spoke via good celerity."Although it's normally world who act through celerity, you can likewise talk around things happening with celerity: "the virus is mutating through celerity," "the canoes slipped with celerity across the quiet lake waters."


Seeing the distressed driver in her stalled auto, Chad responded with celerity, helping various other bystanders to push it right into a safe position.When I was offered the chance to leave my teaching internship at an early stage to fill a long-term substitute place in an extra desirableinstitution, I accepted with a celerity that need to have seemed choose desperation.
examine it now:
Look away from the display to define the definitionin your very own words. You’ll recognize you understand what "celerity" means when you deserve to describe it without saying "quickness"or "speediness."
try it out:
Fill in the blanks: "With great celerity, (someone) (was doing something)."Example: "With excellent celerity, citizens were flocking to donate blood to those who had actually been injured in the attack."
before you review:
Spend at least 20 secs occupying your mind via the game below. Then try the evaluation questions. Don’t go straight to the testimonial now—let your functioning memory empty out first.This month, we're playing through some beautifully worded passeras from the Scriptures as we respeak to words we've stupassed away before.From our previous issue: "In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of a_______ consider: God likewise hath set the one over against the various other, to the end that guy should find nothing after him." (King James Version, Ecclesiastes, chapter 7, verse 14.)What's the lacking word? It means "situations that are harmful, unvaluable, or undesirable."Answer:adversity.Try this today: "The words of the wise are favor g___s, and also prefer nails firmly solved are the built up sayings; they are provided by one Shepherd." (English Standard Version, Ecclesiastes, chapter 12, verse 11.)What's the lacking word? It implies "sharp sticks for poking animals (prefer cattle), so that they go where you desire them to go."
evaluation today's word:
1. One oppowebsite of CELERITY isA. SLUGGISHNESS.B. MULISHNESS.C. MOUSINESS.2. She refprovided with celerity, _____.A. her lips forming a "no" even before he completed his requestB. taking treatment to sell a number of reasonable alternativesC. trudging loudly from the roomAnswers are below.
a final word:
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