ManyJersey Shorefans remember the infamed nightNicole “Snooki” Polizziwas punched in the confront. If you witnessed the episode as soon as it aired, you got to see the entire attack unfold. If you tried to watch the episode after it aired, you most likely noticed the scene was edited. Find out why the minute Polizzi acquired hit was cut out of the display.

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Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi | Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images

‘Snooki’ was struck at Beachcomber Bar and Grill

Throughout among the the majority of horrifying scenes of Jersey Shore‘s initially season, Polizzi was hit in the face by a drunk bar patron. Brad Ferro, a previous gym teacher at North Queens Community High School, was intoxicated and mistook Polizzi’s shots for his own. When she confronted him around taking what wasn’t his, Ferro reacted by punching Polizzi in the jaw. 

Police quickly landed on the scene to arremainder Ferro. “ a verbal altercation after which struck in the confront,” Seaside Heights Detective Steve Kormale told the New York Article. “She continual an injury to the inside of her mouth as a result of the punch.” Ferro was arrested on charges of assault and disorderly conduct. 

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‘Snooki’s hit joined the roommates

Before Polizzi’s attack, she felt like an outsider in the residence. “Snooki had never been amethod from home,” spreading director Doron Ofir described toVulture. “The other roommates didn’t like her.” At the time, Polizzi felt choose she didn’t fit in and inevitably wanted to quit the present. “What lugged the residence together, unfortunately, was the attack on Snooki at that bar — bereason unexpectedly, they defended her,” Ofir included. “At that moment, they ended up being a family.”

The punch didn’t simply solidify the roommates as a family. Producers felt their bond through the cast strengthen, too. “ unified every one of us in a means — the world in front of the electronic camera, the civilization behind the electronic camera,” said 495 Productions CEO SallyAnn Salsano. “In that minute, everyone became so a lot even more human.”

Tright here was backlash as soon as MTV aired the punch 

When the episode first aired, the punch was not edited out. “It aired in the super-tease at the end of episode 2,” executive producer Jacquelyn French sassist. “There was some backlash out in the civilization, and we talked about it internally to decide whether or not we wanted to show a womale acquiring punched in the confront.” Several sponsors pulled their proclaiming because of the punch, not wanting to be connected via it.

At that point, producers had to pivot. “We want to pretend it didn’t occur,” French continued. To present as a lot as they could without backlash, French states they confirmed every one of the footage leading up to the punch, then the after-effects. “We dipped to babsence at the suggest that he actually made call with Snooki’s confront.”

According to Polizzi, her paleas were behind having actually the scene removed from the show. “That was actually my parents’ doing,” she explained. “They demanded MTV not present it. It was nice that they listened because my dad was really, really upcollection around it.”

‘JWoww’ says the punch produced a taboo

In a YouTube video answering fan inquiries, Farley admitted her favorite episode was “the episode Nicole gained punched in the face.”

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“I realized was the love of my life, and also we would certainly be together forever bereason I loved her,” Farley included. She shelp namong the roommates ever assumed Polizzi’s endure would ever occur to any type of of them, however she remembers the “taboo” that arisen afterward. “ produced such a taboo thing because ‘How dare you display a male hitting a woman?"” Farley sassist. “It’s favor, wait a minute — that taken place. It was actual life, and real-life things are going to happen, also if you’re on a truth present through 20 defense guards approximately you.” 

Farley said Polizzi getting hit opened up up a dialogue that might be uncomfortable to talk about, but that she finds iconic because “Nicole ate that sh*t like a champ.”

All’s well that ends well. Farley shelp she and also Polizzi went drinking the following day, additionally solidifying their friendship.