Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts features a number of loadout choices and sniper rifle changes. While many kind of are easily accessible using the cash you obtain from goals, some will certainly need assorted tokens. Contract tokens come from main missions, difficulty tokens come from completing challenges in maps, and also intel tokens are from collectibles or bounties that you tackle. Therefore, you could finish up spending tokens for weapons or gadgets that you won’t need. This loadout overview intends (pun intended) to help you make the appropriate choices all throughout the game.

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Note: You can also see our character abilities and also perks overview. Likewise, for even more information around the game, inspect out our Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts guides and features hub.


The Basics

The vital to determining the ideal loadout involves being specific of what works universally and also what doesn’t. Yes, your default loadout in Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts will last you till the end of the game. But, tright here will certainly be times when some transforms are necessary, and tbelow could also be difficulties that call for you to unlock new gadgets or perks first.

Anvarious other concept is expertise what works against particular opponents and picking abilities or loadouts that’d be effective:

Regular troopers simply need a shot to the head to gain downed, no worries tbelow. It’s likewise worth noting that you’ll desire high noise reduction (weapons with silencers) and also even more silent motion if you don’t desire an entire base to acquire alerted to your existence.Enemies will, at times, attempt to uncover your sniping perch. But, if you positioned yourself properly, you won’t also need mines, decoys, or other defenses.Many type of troopers will certainly patrol in pairs and also some will certainly be close to each other. You’ll need (a) a light sniper rifle with a much faster price of fire, (b) a hefty sniper rifle though you’ll should line up your shot to permeate both targets, (c) a sniper rifle turret.Some rival snipers are quite expert and can spawn in incredibly far-off places from wright here you are. Scopes via better magnification would be beneficial.Armored soldiers will certainly call for (a) a straight, clean hit to their throat where their armor’s weaker, (b) a hefty sniper rifle to permeate their helmets, (c) unique armor-piercing/AP bulallows, (d) an upgraded melee kill perk, or (e) simply blasting them to smithereens.Camperiods have the right to be tagged by utilizing your binoculars, a lot prefer various other troops. However before, pinging the map making use of your high-tech mask won’t constantly expose them. You’ll need an upgrade for that. Alternatively, you can usage the drone to make tagging much less troublesome.Turrets deserve to be rather annoying and will call for you to either hack them, usage an EMP grenade, usage a distinct EMP bullet, or disable them through your drone.Speaking of drones, enemy drones are fairly easy to kill, although they deserve to likewise spot you conveniently if you’re not as well careful.You’ll seldom encounter armored vehicles (APCs), and you have the right to easily protect against them using alternative passperiods or courses.Most side passages will be littered through mines, as such, you’d a perk to assist you detect them. Gadgets wouldn’t assist you in this regard.


Sniper: Gorganize Warrior Contracts – Loadouts

Below, you’ll see the loadout I’ve been using after finishing the project and also while redoing challenges in Sniper: Gorganize Warrior Contracts. A few of these (drone, turret, gas mine, and adrenaline shot) carry out need difficulty tokens in order to be unlocked.

I’ll acquire to the sniper rifles in a little bit. As for the additional weapon, you deserve to select between a couple of auto rifles or shotguns. You can’t equip silencers on any type of of these, so you want to go through the Hunt AR65 which has the highest possible noise reduction value.

Sidearms come in light or hefty flavors through distinctions in damages, recoil, and noise reduction. The Rotweil M23 is a light pistol. It likewise has actually the greatest base noise reduction out of all the sidearm options. You can also purchase a silencer for it.


As for tools, the MUAV Dragonfly is immensely valuable. Your drone permits you to tag targets and also gain the lay of the land while sitting cozy in a hiding spot. It does run out of batteries, and, if you direct it as well much away, you’d shed its signal. Still, you can use it from time to time. The drone will only alert enemies if you clumsily wave it about in their challenge.

The RWS SR50 sniper turret is also rather nifty to have actually. With a few upqualities, usage your binoculars and also press “H” to tag multiple opponents. Then, hit “G” to shoot them — you have the right to also carry out tandem shots as soon as you fire via your very own weapon. It’s perfect for sneakily clearing out bases. The turret deserve to also be of assist if you desire to do a cheese to easily farm cash.


The rest of the tools are a combined bag, really. Frag grenades and medkits are available by default. You won’t really need them as well a lot if you’re playing closely. Deployable items (gas mines, anti-tank mines, warning devices, and also decoy traps) are practically entirely usemuch less. I’ve never before felt the must usage them. Lastly, some challenges will certainly require you to unlock and pick certain devices (ie. gas opponents, blind enemies).


Keep in mind 1: Gadgets that you haven’t unlocked yet (minus the drone and sniper turret) deserve to be uncovered in assorted stashes in each map. If you’re conserving up on tokens, you have to only unlock the ones you’d need for particular difficulties.

Keep in mind 2: Although not displayed on Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts‘ manage choices, devices have the right to be provided by pushing the “F” vital or the appropriate shoulder button (RB).

Update: The day-1 patch included DLC tools such as the SV Amur sniper rifle and also Sturm – Bodyguard pistol. Tright here appears to be a difficulty with the latter because its model’s bugged once inspected in your loadout display screen. It presently shows up as a large, red sphere. Don’t issue, though, bereason it works fine as soon as you’re in a mission. I’ve already got to out to the developers to report the matter. In any instance, Happy Red Nose Day, I guess?


The best sniper rifle

Naturally, we’ll must talk about the ideal sniper rifle in a sniping game. Tright here are two kinds: light sniper rifles and also heavy ones. As discussed, you’ll require hefty snipers if you want to take out armored troopers (and also also auto weak spots) in a single shot. Given the high damage, heavy sniper rifles have the right to likewise kill through body shots or dismember limbs.

However before, most hefty sniper rifles tend to have a sreduced rate of fire or lower noise reduction. Conversely, you can still go through the basic light kinds (which consists of your default weapon), however you would need to spend intel tokens to unlock the one-of-a-kind ammo magazines (those AP rounds deserve to be essential versus armored soldiers). Even then, some rifles won’t let you pick AP bullets which have the right to be a downer.

As for scopes, many sniper rifles will have a couple of extra options. Magnification/zoom level is the many necessary, specifically once taking out targets from even more away. Distance calibration must also be taken into consideration so as to give you more alternatives once aligning your shots via the Dynamic Reticle System (DRS).


Tactical XCR 700 (Light)

Your default sniper rifle already comes via a silencer, and also it’ll last you till the end of the game if require be. It does have actually a sreduced rate of fire given that you’re chambering one more round after you shoot. You’ll must be quick if you want to take out clustered targets. It additionally doesn’t let you usage AP bulallows even after unlocking the distinct ammo mag. It does enable you to pick EMP bullets to take out turrets.


S00-KSV 2020

This ended up being my go-to light sniper rifle towards the finish of the game. It has the highest possible noise reduction stat out of all tools and comes equipped via a silencer (no have to spfinish intel tokens). You have the right to also modify the mag to have AP ammo which is great for taking out armored systems.


Reese ESR 2020

This may be the first hefty sniper rifle that you’d achieve in the game. It’s fairly cheap (requiring just a small number of contract tokens). You can also add a silencer.


Sturm – Precision

The a lot of expensive sniper rifle in the game is likewise a heavy kind. Once you’ve amassed a lot of cash and tokens, this need to be your pick especially if you’re going for difficulties. The Sturm – Precision comes packed via great scope options, and you deserve to likewise unlock a silencer and also special ammo mags. Yes, you can even pick explosive rounds or AP rounds (for a little bit of overkill).


SV Amur

The SV Amur is a DLC weapon that was just added recently. It’s a heavy sniper rifle comparable to the Reese and also Sturm – Precision, although it does have actually reduced stcapability. The good news is that its magazine mods and barrel extensions don’t need tokens to be unlocked. You only require cash. Sadly, tbelow could be an insect with this weapon because it makes practically no sound at all. Then aobtain, I’m all for a silent killer.

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That does it for our weapons, devices, and loadout guide. Sniper: Ghold Warrior Contracts is obtainable on Steam. For even more indevelopment, examine out our guides and also functions hub.