Went on a speak to this particular day to the Diabetic Emergency. As usual, I ask the paramedics what I deserve to do for them. An older medic asked me, oh, deserve to you set up the monitor. I told her, I"m not certain where to area the electrodes. She then told me: White on the Right, Red on the Rib. Smoke before Fire.

Has anyone ever heard this? She appeared favor an old time medic. This was also the Lifepak 12 too, if it provides a distinction. This type of confoffers me as you place an electrode on the pt"s leg. Thanks in advancement for your clarification.

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Posted October 19, 2007


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Posted October 19, 2007
She then told me: White on the Right, Red on the Rib. Smoke before Fire.

Has anyone ever before heard this?

I expect it was a lot easier in my day, because we only offered 3 wires. If you could remember, "White is Right," then the rest was easy, because obviously babsence was oppowebsite of white, and that only left one area for the red. She is still utilizing the very same strategy, but throwing in the totality "smoke before fire" point. Can"t recontact if I have actually ever heard that before or not. Anyexactly how...

I do not want to acquire also technological on you, however if you can Google "Einthoven"s Triangle," and also simply read a paragraph on that and view the diagram, it"ll assist solidify this in your mind, also if it is acquiring just a small ahead of yourself. What Einthoven"s Triangle will certainly display you is exactly wbelow the 3 leads need to be, favor we learned it so many years ago. Once those 3 essential leads are down, that just leaves one location for the Green, so tbelow is no question around it. So...

* White Is Right = white on right shoulder

* Babsence is the oppowebsite of white, so it goes on the oppowebsite shoulder

* Black is the "smoke" and red is the "fire," so the fire goes under the smoke = L ribs/leg

* Only location left for green is on the best ribs/leg

I are afraid that might not have made it any kind of clearer for you, however it will certainly after seeing Einthoven"s triangle, and also after utilizing up the majority of blank sheets of paper diagramming this from memory for a tiny little. Then you"ll be doing it in your sleep prior to your next change.

She appeared like an old time medic.

She may have actually been. She might have actually just been taught by an old time medic, which is pretty prevalent, so these things obtain passed down long after they have outlived their usefulness.

This was also the Lifepak 12 too, if it makes a difference. This kind of confoffers me as you place an electrode on the pt"s leg.

The ribs is an old skool thing, from prior to the days once we had 12 leads in the area. Unfortunately, so many kind of old skool medics are teaching these days that they still teach placement of the "limb leads" on the chest rather of on... oh, I dunno, maybe THE LIMBS? It renders a large difference, so be mindful of that, also if your medic is not.

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If all you are doing is surveillance the fundamental rhythm or rate of somebody in whom tright here is no suspicion of cardiopathy, placing all 4 leads on the chest is acceptable. But if you are running a 12 lead or doing any kind of sort of rhythm diagnostics, they have to go on the meaty part of the limbs (biceps and also calves) in order to get a diagnostic top quality tracing.