You have the right to adjust the speed of any clip in your movie. In enhancement, iMovie have the right to instantly readjust the framework price of any kind of clip to match the framework price of your movie (identified by the initially clip you add to your movie).

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To show the speed controls, click the Speed button.

Choose either Slow or Quick from the Speed pop-up menu, and click a speed switch to collection the rate.


Note: If you pick Quick for a clip shorter than 0.1 seconds, the Custom speed choice is applied, and you have the right to enter a custom rate.

An icon (either a turtle or a rabbit) appears on the clip, and a speed slider appears at the height.


A clip that is slowed dvery own becomes much longer in the timeline, and a clip that is increased becomes shorter.

Note: If the clip contains audio, playing the clip more gradually lowers the pitch of the audio, and playing the clip faster raises the pitch. To preserve the original pitch of the audio, pick the Preserve Pitch checkbox above the viewer.

Any component of a clip have the right to be sped up or slowed down, and you have the right to select whether to smoothly change the framework prices between the part through the speed adjust and the rest of the clip.

To present the rate controls, click the Speed button.

Do among the following:

Slow dvery own the selected component of the clip: Click the Speed pop-up menu and also choose Slow.

By default, the speed is collection to 50%, however you can click any rate switch.

Speed up the schosen component of the clip: Click the Speed pop-up food selection and also pick Fast.

By default, the rate is collection to twice normal speed (2x), yet you have the right to click any speed button.

Set a practice speed for the schosen component of the clip: Click the Speed pop-up menu, select Custom, and also form a number in the field.

The speed change is used to the selected range, and speed sliders appear above the schosen range and any kind of areas of the clip external the schosen variety.


When you play ago the clip, it begins playing at normal speed, then changes to the rate you set, then retransforms to normal rate aacquire at the end of the clip.

To have actually the speed transforms occur progressively, select the Smooth checkbox.

To adjust the speed of the selected range or a space exterior it, drag any of the three speed sliders at the height of the clip.


Play a clip backward

To show the speed controls, click the Speed switch.

Select the Reverse checkbox.

A reverse-play symbol shows up on the clip, and the clip currently plays in reverse, at the speed you set.


Slow dvery own high-frame-price clips to complement the speed of your movie

By default, iMovie instantly slows dvery own the rate of high-frame-price clips once you add them to the timeline, adjusting them to play ago at the very same speed as the remainder of your movie. You deserve to revolve off this setting in Set preferences in iMovie on Mac. High-frame-price footage shows up to play in slow activity when slowed to consistent playearlier speed.

If you have included high-frame-rate clips to your movie through the automatic slow-movement preference turned off, you can use this setting to selected clips.

In the iMovie application

on your Mac, pick a high-frame-rate clip in the timeline that you want to slow down.

To display the rate controls, click the Speed switch.

Click the Speed pop-up food selection and select Slow.

Click the Auto switch.

The framework price of the selected clip is readjusted to enhance the frame rate of the remainder of the movie.

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Note: If the clip has actually a duration longer than 3 secs, iMovie adjusts the rate at the beginning and also end of the clip, to emphasize the slow-moving movement.