To get the achievement, prepare a meal of perfect quality. takuto neko notes that this should be as you create it: you cannot develop a less-than-perfect meal and then "kick it up a notch".

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There are numerous determinants which affect the quality of a meal that your sims deserve to prepare.1. Cooking skillYou have the right to improve your cooking ability by reading food preparation book accessible from the library and also bookshop, watching the cookery channel on tv, and also by actually cooking!2. Appliance QualityThe more expensive, the better. In buy mode, each appliance tells you the quality of that item. Keep in mind that if a sim has high repair abilities, you deserve to improve some kitchen appliances to cause much better food.3. TraitsThe "Natural Cook" trait and also the "Perfectionist" trait.If trying for this accomplishment with a brand-new sim, choose these traits. You deserve to also usage the life time reward "Mid-life Crisis" to re-choose your traits.4. Skill ChallengesMenu Maven is a straightforward enough difficulty to finish. Simply have actually your sim watch the food preparation channel whenever before feasible. As well as boosting the cooking skill level, you will pick up recipes from time to time. You must max out the cooking skill to learn the last recipe. Any recipes you do not learn from the food preparation channel you can also buy from the bookshop.5. PracticeThe even more a sim prepares a meal, the better they gain at making it. Sindicate have actually your sim just ever before prepare one type of meal for each mealtime, and they need to obtain much better at it eventually.6. Ingredient QualityFor the meals that you deserve to carry out ingredients for (view in-game ability journal) the higher the high quality of ingredients will certainly lead to higher top quality food.If you use normal top quality apples to make apple pancakes, it will certainly be of a lesser quality than one made through perfect quality apples. Having a sim with the gardening skill to carry out ingredients may be a great concept.
Great solution! Would making use of the "Get Lucky" karma power also increase the possibilities of a perfect meal?
Personally I"ve never offered Get Lucky so I can not confirm or deny that. But it sudepend doesn"t hinder making a good meal!Based on just how easily you have the right to acquire karma points (especially if you"re trying to get 1000 wishes and also gain 4 karma for each) I"d say go ahead and usage Get Lucky.
Posted by Scoochi2 on 02 Dec 10 at 20:51
just how execute you use the mid life crisis?
Posted by DR JB JOVI on 30 Jan 11 at 03:01
You don"t also should perform all this other than have a cooking ability over 8. My sim had actually a cooking ability that just hit 9. Traits - Genius, Athletic, Ambitious, Good Sense of Humor, and also Friendly. She was the gardener of the household so that probably did assist however the key here is to use the "Have" option not the "Serve" choice. I preserved utilizing the latter. The first time I used "Have" I made perfect waffles.
ninJA, you applied my #1, #6 and #5 :) You didn"t mention the appliance high quality.#1: Skill#6: Ingredient high quality (grew them yourself as a good gardener)#5: Practice (waffles are a widespread meal to make).All the points I detailed WILL improve your meal top quality.To usage mid life crisis, push the ago switch and navigate with the menus. Not played the game for a while but you"ll check out the alternative under one of the pages.
I simply made 3 perfect quality when I execute "touch it up a knotch" for the waffles yet achievement didn"t pop :( Any suggestions?
Try making it perfect from scratch fairly than kicking it up. Yes, you got it to perfect quality, but the meal all set wasn"t. I"ll modify the solution to imply that. Unlucky though :(
Try disabling free will once you go for this accomplishment. I forget the name of the choice however look through the settings. Hopetotally that need to put the minx in her place!
Posted by Scoochi2 on 25 Sep 12 at 13:06
+1. I acquired it at food preparation ability 7 or 8, through natural prepare and also while making the third hamburger. :)
Posted by iMaginaryy on 09 Jan 14 at 00:54
Do you have to have traits? I gained my perboy up to Max Cooking yet I"m not certain if I need to start over just to gain those traits? .-.
Posted by A Batwoman on 01 Oct 14 at 22:21
Traits aid, provides the entirety thing much faster. Mid Life Crisis will certainly let you switch your traits.

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Posted by Scoochi2 on 01 Oct 14 at 22:32
I didn"t also must prepare anything, my sim remained in bed and also I told him to make a lobster dish ($75) he was still asleep and the achievement popped, he had actually complete food preparation ability and the best cooker if that helps anyone, he additionally kbrand-new every recipe
What have to be added is that the recipe matters
. If you cook a lvl 0 soup sandwich, you most likely wont acquire a perfect. However, greater level recipes have a far better base quality. E.g. "Ambrose" is guaranteed to come out perfect, though the gimmick is that you need to manually source both very rare ingredients.I tried the Supincrease stew through 2x Perfect fish, but also via luck rise karma power I dropped brief eexceptionally time. The meal came out "outstanding" which is one tier below perfect. I then switched to Dim Sum, now making use of 3x fish ingredients and acquired a Perfect the first time.