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Today's "ben trovato" is the innovative, adjectival version of "truthiness," the term developed by Stephen Colbert to describe wrong information that nevertheless feels true (and frequently provides you excellent feelings).We obtained this term from Italian, where it appears in the phrase "Se non è vero, è molto ben trovato," definition, "If it is not true, it is a happy innovation."We've only had actually one other Italian borrowing so far: im____lio, interpretation "an embroilment," or "an embarrassing, complex social situation." Could you recall it?
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"BEN TROVATO"Italian for "well found," ben trovato indicates "made up, however still appropriate." In other words, ben trovato stories have actually a ring of reality to them and are useful for some purpose, yet they're not actually true.

Pronunciation:bin truh VOT oh

Part of speech:Adjective.(Adjectives are describing words, choose "large" or "late."They deserve to be supplied in two ways:1. Right before a noun, as in "a ben trovato anecdote."2. After a linking verb, as in "The anecdote was ben trovato.")Other forms:noneA note on roots:Because "ben trovato" is most likely a new one for many kind of of us, let's take a look at how the roots deserve to help you remember what it means. That "ben" is the very same one in various other words meaning "good" or "well," favor in "advantageous." And "trovato," Italian for "discovered," is concerned "trove," as in "treacertain trove:" somepoint you find. These connections have the right to you help you remember that "ben trovato" indicates "well uncovered," or even more totally, "accordingly designed."

How to usage it:Talk around ben trovato fables and urban legends, ben trovatonews stories, ben trovato anecdotes and also individual stories, ben trovato explacountries, ben trovato historic accounts, ben trovato quotes and also memes, and so on. You deserve to say that some truth or tale has actually a ben trovato character or a ben trovato flavor to it, or say that some story was simply ben trovato.Keep in mind that it's an adjective: choose you'd execute withits literal translation, "well found," be certain to put "ben trovato" either appropriate before a noun, as in "ben trovato story," or after a linking verb, as in "the story wasben trovato."And alert just how I store placing it in italics? Even though it's earned its location in English dictionaries, "ben trovato" is still treated as a foreign term.


It's sort of weird how we feed kids all these ben trovato tales of George Washington's cherry tree and also Christopher Columbus's heroism."Ben Trovato" sounds choose someone's name, doesn't it?Robert Tracinski, composing for, agrees: he says in this short article that the year 2014 was conquered by ben trovato news stories. We thought what we wanted to, Tracinsky means, because the stories fed into our values and also expectations.
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Look away from the display screen to define the interpretation in your very own words. You’ll know you understand what "ben trovato" implies when you deserve to explain it without saying "truthy" or "believable yet wrong."
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Think of a story or truth that you favor so a lot that you don't even treatment whether it's true or not, and also fill in the blanks: "Whether true or ben trovato, (the idea that / the story about) _____ (inspires me / fascinates me / renders me laugh)."Example: "Whether true or ben trovato, the story around William Faulkner doing all his writing versus the ago of an upturned wheelbarrowhead fascinates me."
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Spend at leastern 20 secs occupying your mind via the game below. Then try the review concerns. Don’t go right to the review now—let your functioning memory empty out initially.Well-Named Creatures:Some names for animals and various other creatures specify themselves instantly or after a brief moment’s thought: anteater, grasshopper, hummingbird, seaequine, octopus (eight-foot). But other names deserve some exploration; they organize hidden hints about what the pets look prefer or what they execute. And sometimes the names disclose just how baffled civilization were once they initially caught a glimpse of the creatures and also tried to name them. This month, I’ll provide you the literal meaning of a creature's name, and you come up via what it is. Answers will show up in alphabetical order this month. (Oh, and also the answers might be animals, birds, insects, or even extinct creatures.) Enjoy!From yesterday: A "little armored" (creature) is an a________.Answer: This is an armadillo, whose name comes from thediminutive create of Spanish armado, meaning "armored."Try this one today: An "arm lizard" is a b________.
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1. One opposite of BEN TROVATO isA. GILT-EDGEDB. ILL-CONTRIVEDC. WELL-KNIT2. If not totally _____, the rumors around his strange upbringing are at least ben trovato.A. unsettlingB. characteristicC. factualAnswers are below.

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