Yes, she was a Beverly Hills socialite-slash-wife. She’s fashionable, rich, and someone you’d pick last as the den leader of a team of Girl Scouts. Unfortunately for her, she is one also. So Phyllis tries to become a wonderful den leader to her daughter’s group (with terrible results).

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Looking prefer a stylish den leader and Girl Scout from Troop Beverly Hills. Just stick to the fundamental khaki layout with ideas of green, and you’re good to go. It’s the perfect mother-daughter outfit! Or even a themed costume for your group of girlfriends! Here’s every little thing you must look choose a Den Leader and Girl Scout from Troop Beverly Hills.

How to Make Phyllis Nefler/Shelley Long Costume

1 Khaki ShirtStart through the basics! Get an easy khaki shirt.
2 Khaki PantsInstead of the usual skirt, why not opt for a pair of chic khaki pants?
3 Khaki Twill certainly JacketLevel up your outfit with a khaki twill jacket.
4 Black Combat BootsBe ready for the wilderness in a pair of babsence combat boots.
5 Eco-friendly BandanaLook choose a actual den leader with a green bandana about your neck.
6 Sun HatsShield your challenge from the sun’s glare via a sun hat.
7 Curly Red WigLook choose Phyllis through this wig.
8PinsOptional props

How to Make Girl Scout Costume

1 Khaki ShirtIt’s finest to wear a plain button-dvery own khaki shirt.
2 Khaki ShortsPair your shirt via this pair of khaki shorts.
3 Environment-friendly BandanaLook choose a actual Girl Scout through this green bandana.
4 Green BeretAccessorize via a green beret.
5 White ShoesA pair of white shoes is always a classical option.
6 Eco-friendly SocksStick to the green template with a pair of green socks.
7 Khaki DressDon’t like to wear shorts? You deserve to likewise opt for a khaki dress.
8BadgesAs optional accessory, include some girl scout badges

About Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills was released in 1989. The major character of Troop Beverly Hills is Phyllis Nefler, that was shown by Shelley Long.

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