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The ultimate millennial money guide, from the creator of Australia"s #1 finance podactors, the She’s on the Money book on the week of launch came to be the biggest selling book in the country.

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Thunstable her phenomenally famous and award-winning podcast, She"s on the Money, Victoria Devine has built an empowered and also supportive lutz-heilmann.infomunity of woguys finding their means to financial flexibility.Hoswarm, relatable, non-judgemental and also motivating, Victoria is a financial adviser who knows what millennial life is really choose and wbelow we deserve to obtain stuck to money stuff. (Did someone say "Afterpay"...?) So, to assist you hit your money goals without skimping on brunch, she"s put all her skilled advice right into this available guide that will certainly set you up for a healthy and balanced and also happy future.

Millennial womales are smart, savvy and also independent. We prospered up listening to Destiny’s Child, so it’s just herbal, right? Yet, once it lutz-heilmann.infoes to money stuff, we deserve to feel overwhelmed, unsure wbelow to invest or stuck in a relentless cycle of “money in and money out”, never before making ground or getting to our objectives. She’s on the Money is below to aid deal with those troubles.

We believe that being good through money doesn’t suppose you have to hibernate and live on a diet of two minute noodles and cheap wine.

We believe you deserve to have it all; the residence deposit, the Pilates membership, the share portfolio, the Santorini expedition and also, of course, the brunch dates.

We’re below to change your connection with money via relatable finance and also money hacks you deserve to implement this particular day.

say “boy bye” to poor debt

Bad debt is the first point that hregarding go in order for to aclutz-heilmann.infoplish financial success. We assist you kick debt to the curb so you deserve to begin living your ideal life.

sort outyour cashflow

Sheight saying “hi and bye” to your money each week. We help you to develop a budgain and a weekly plan that works for your way of living (coffees and also brunch are permitted!)

invest & set goalsfor future you

Future you will be happy that present you is being so organised, smart and chic. We aid you to develop an investment strategy for shares and residential or lutz-heilmann.infomercial property.


Addressing the money side of your life have the right to regularly be overwhelmingand also uninspiring; yet it does not have to be that means.

The She’s on the Money Budgeting and Cash Flow Masterclass is the ideal area to start as soon as it involves all points budgeting and cash circulation.

Not just will you finish the mastercourse through a skip in your action, but you’ll additionally walk ameans via helpful tools and referrals for your money from an experienced.

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Victoria Devine, founder and also host of She’s on the Money, is an award-winning financial adviser, helping hundreds of people readjust their partnership via money. She is a young, influential and also pushed entrepreneur that pushes the boundaries in not just the finance sector however in a variety of charities and also nonprofit establishments. Oh, and also she loves Pilates, Sex and the City re-runs, and also brunch.